Video records plane evacuation after it passes straight at the end of the runway

Scenes from the evacuation video, which you see below in this article

A landing incident was recorded this past weekend in China, after pilots failed to stop the aircraft before the end of the runway, the so-called “runway overrun”, or runway excursion at the end of the runway length.

The aircraft involved was the Canadair CRJ-900 regional jet registered under registration B-3250, operated by China Express (also called Huaxia Air), when flying G5-4394 from Korla to Aksu, both in China, at the end the afternoon of Sunday, August 29, with 64 passengers and 9 crew.

According to data from The Aviation Herald, the aircraft landed at 18:14 local (10:14Z) on runway 27 of the destination airport, but overshot the runway and stopped off the pavement about 76 meters after the end of the runway and 16 meters after the paved surface of the safety area, being offset approximately 31 meters to the left of the center line of the lane.

Approximate aircraft position – Image: The Aviation Herald and Google Earth

The aircraft was evacuated through the emergency exits, as shown in the video below. Four passengers were injured, but as a result of the evacuation, not the runway departure.

Flight tracking data show that the plane made two waiting circles at 6,000 meters high (flight level 197) before approaching Aksu airport, however, there is no information to establish any relationship between the wait and the incident on landing.

Aircraft on hold before proceeding to destination – Image: FlightRadar24

Also according to The Aviation Herald, there are no meteorological data bulletins (Metars) available for the airport, but the local weather station reported at 18:00 locations that the temperature was 26ºC, the dew point was 13ºC, the wind was at 4 knots (7.4 km/h) coming from the North, the altimeter setting was 894 hPa and there was no rain.

Aksu Airport has only runway 09/27, which is 2,400 meters long and is at an altitude of 3,800 feet (1160 meters). China’s Civil Aviation Authority has opened an investigation.

According to Yicai Global, China Express had not yet commented on the occurrence until this Monday morning.