Viegas criticizes the reality show and reveals if he is like Elana

Viegas faced one of the biggest challenges of his life in “No Limite”, which came to an end just over a month ago with the victory of Paula Amorim. The singer was in second place, but the taste is of having conquered the reality show. Despite considering the experience positive, the São Paulo native believes that the program disappointed the audience for one reason: it had little explored the coexistence of the tribes.

The success of ‘Big Brother’, unlike ‘No Limite’, is because people don’t fall in love with the competitions or the sponsors, but with the people and their stories. It is the relationships that make people fall in love and identify themselves. ‘No Limite’ didn’t have that. It was very little. Consequently, there were very beautiful, tense and even controversial moments that were not shown.

Viegas is prevented, by contract, from reporting situations that Globo did not show in the program. “I can’t, only if I wanted to be crucified,” he jokes. The editions of “No Limite” were weekly – in addition to interviews with the eliminated, on Sundays – and, therefore, the singer believes that it was impossible to show the public all the stories.

Viegas says that 'No Limite' could have shown more coexistence between the participants.  - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Viegas says that ‘No Limite’ could have shown more coexistence between the participants.

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

“It is humanly impossible to tell the story of 16 participants in two different locations, to make a narrative showing everything with the same time and priority. No reality show, book or film can be impartial”, he declares.

He intends to release a biography that has yet to be released — and one of the highlights will be his participation in “No Limite”. “Paula, in addition to being my friend, is a woman I admire a lot. Even though she is very cool, I say that what took me from first place was the R$ 500 thousand. I feel very successful. This motivated me to writing a book, ‘Winner and Champion’. There’s a difference.”

I came in second place. What would I change to get first? Nothing! But it is not the speech of what is important is to compete. By my values ​​and principles, I acted in a way that I was very happy about.

A suggestion for Boninho

A lot was not shown. I think the program lost a lot by not showing our experience anymore? I felt it. He came down to showing proof, and very little of our relationship. Were the dialogues cut off? They had a beginning, middle and end, but in editing you couldn’t do that for a matter of time.

Globe rebuttal

After the recording of “No Limite” ended, Elana described a little behind the scenes of the program on social media. She said, for example, how ex-BBBs did when they needed to use the bathroom — which was in a kind of ditch in the woods. According to Viegas, not even that could have been told.

“The production got in touch with all of us and said that we couldn’t tell about it. The guidance we received is that we can only talk about what was shown,” said the singer.

Comparison with “Big Brother Brazil”

Viegas participating in 'BBB' in 2018 - Instagram Play - Instagram Play

Viegas to participate in the ‘BBB’ in 2018

Image: Instagram Play

Viegas, who participated in “BBB 18” in 2018, sees more similarities between “Big Brother” and “No Limite” than differences. He explains:

The two programs deal with the same thing, which is the thing of living together and of you with yourself. Both programs take you away from the people you love. Leaving the comfort zone, and having to create criteria to eliminate someone from that place. What program is this? Both! The essence is very similar.

But, in Viegas’ opinion, the “BBB” has something indispensable for any reality show: human warmth. “The success of ‘Big Brother’, unlike ‘No Limite’, is because people don’t fall in love with the competitions or the sponsors, but with the people and their stories.”

Can sex in “No Limite”?

“Most things are so cool, good… If we wanted to be together, I think production would like it because it’s content. Just kissing is difficult. We didn’t even have toothpaste or brush. There was no mood for that.”

And the relationship with Elana?

Viegas released a video featuring Elana, from the song “Pra Voar”, which will be part of the album “Conexão”. The record will be released later this year. The repertoire consists of eight songs, and marks a turning point in the singer’s style — who has always prioritized political and social compositions.

Since appearing with Elana in the music video, what Viegas hears most is about his relationship with the former “BBB 19” participant. After all, is it dating, making out or friendship? Asked by the UOL, the singer answers:

“We’re not together. The idea is not to lie, but also not to commit. Can’t people experience their personal life so well and project it onto each other? Elana is an amazing girl. It would be really cool to have something with her, but that’s in the their time. The guys are already putting the cart before the horse. ‘So dating’… People don’t allow themselves to have time to get to know each other,” he says.

The fan charge

As we came from a reality show, the guys already say we’re dating? And it even gets in the way of something that could naturally happen. It’s a charge. The guys are very anxious and put pressure on. She is single and I am single. If it has to roll, it will.