Volkswagen Tarok pickup truck will be produced in Argentina in 2025

Shelved because of the pandemic, which had a huge impact on manufacturers’ cash, Volkswagen Tarok should become a reality, although it will take a while. The Argentine newspaper Ámbito obtained some information from the consultancy IHS Markit, revealing that the German manufacturer will include the pickup that will compete with Fiat Toro in its next investment cycle and will produce the vehicle at the Argentine factory in General Pacheco in early 2025.

There is not much information about the project yet. Volkswagen Tarok will be assembled with the MQB modular platform in the A1 version, the same one that serves as the basis for the Taos medium SUV, also made in Argentina. This will allow the pickup to share part of the assembly line with the SUV. Also, when we looked at Tarok as a project, it already had part of the look that would be used in Taos. Even its name, Tarok, came from a mixture of Tarek (the name of the Taos project) and Amarok.

Including Tarok in the assembly line in Argentina will greatly help Volkswagen due to the future of Amarok, which was once the only vehicle of the brand to be made in the neighboring country while the Taos was not yet assembled. The new generation of the average pickup will not be made in Latin America and its arrival is uncertain. VW guarantees that it will continue selling Argentine Amarok for a while and IHS Markit says it will survive until 2025. That’s why the arrival of Tarok, adopting Amarok’s production capacity, in addition to being a product in a more competitive and competitive segment. which has gained strength.

Although the concept shown at the 2018 Auto Show already anticipated an 80% finished project, as Volkswagen said, Tarok should undergo changes until then, updating its lines to follow the brand’s visual identity. After all, we won’t see the pickup until 2025, and by then the company’s design style will have evolved again. As it will take years to launch, it is quite possible that it is in line with the restyled Taos. Another change will be the name, which is only for the project and must adopt another baptism when it is released, as happened with the Taos (previously called Tarek internally).

Volkswagen Tarok Concept
Volkswagen Tarok Concept
Volkswagen Tarok Concept
Volkswagen Tarok Concept

What shouldn’t change much is the rest of the truck. The concept measured 4.91 meters in length, 1.83 m in width, 1.67 m in height and with a wheelbase of 2.99 m, which should practically be maintained in the final version. The bucket had a capacity for 1 ton of cargo, measuring 1.20 m in length, 1.09 m in width and 60 cm in height. For comparison, the Fiat Toro is 4.94 m long and has a similar wheelbase.

The 2018 prototype was equipped with the well-known 1.4 TSI flex engine with 150 hp and 25.5 kgfm of torque, combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission. However, Volkswagen said in the presentation that it could also use the 2.0 turbodiesel, also of 150 hp, that equips Amarok. It would also have a version with the 4Motion all-wheel drive system.

The Volkswagen Tarok production version should be one of the models in the brand’s new investment cycle. Despite having confirmed that it will have a contribution, VW will still announce the exact amount this year. In addition to the pickup, the money will be used for the unprecedented Polo Track, a version with the current look of the hatch that will serve as a new entry option; the re-styling of Polo and Virtus planned for next year; and the new generation of Gol, which should have been part of the previous cycle and ended up being postponed.

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