WhatsApp applies new restrictions to users who do not accept privacy terms


Sputnik Brazil





Facebook’s instant messaging app, WhatsApp, is preparing new restrictions — linked to communication with some business accounts — for users who do not accept its terms of privacy.

Several months ago, the company reportedly announced limitations on those who did not accept its new terms of use, but ruled out the possibility of eliminating accounts that did not. Still, acceptance of the new terms will be mandatory for those who use the application in question to communicate with official company accounts.

In these cases, before starting the communication, the Facebook messaging network will send a message to the user reminding that WhatsApp has updated its terms and privacy policies. However, in order for the communications to continue, that user will have to accept the new terms.

WhatsApp is back with its rules: it will be necessary to accept the new terms and conditions in a specific case. Now it appears that you will only need to accept this privacy policy to connect with certain business profiles on WhatsApp.

According to the WaBetaInfo portal, this new function will take effect soon, with a new update for iOS and Android operating systems.

The decision to place new restrictions would have come after many WhatsApp users started opting for other communication apps.