Whindersson Nunes vents about missing João Miguel, and gets emotional when he explains why he doesn’t talk about the subject

Heartbreaking… Whindersson Nunes made an emotional outburst this Tuesday (31) when talking about his son João Miguel, who died in May this year, after being born prematurely. The comedian lamented on Twitter, the lack he feels for the little one, and even explained the reason for not talking much about this subject.

I woke up missing João Miguel so much. I wish I had met that guy. He was going to be a nice guy, but he will pass“, wrote the actor. “I avoid talking about it with anyone because I know they’re going to say something I’m going to be upset about, and I really am. ‘Maybe God was preparing something…’. No friend, I don’t believe God makes a game (match) not with other people’s children, stay with yours“, he vented.

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Death of João Miguel

João Miguel was the result of the relationship between Whindersson and his ex-fiancée, Maria Lina. In the early hours of May 31 this year, the little one died. The baby was born prematurely, at 22 weeks, on the 29th, but did not resist. After what happened, the two opened their hearts in the hammocks, about the departure of the little one. The comedian even composed a song in honor of his eldest son, which he shared with his followers, accompanied by a beautiful and moving text.

“Son, I wrote this song at the hospital. I wanted you to hear it on your way out, attesting to the greatest miracle. And you left – not home, but to the best home, alongside the best. Sorry people talk about you, so small, unable to defend yourself. I really try to understand”, began Nunes.

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“Perhaps that’s one of the reasons He sweated blood in the Gethsemane prayer. It must be very difficult to love all of humanity until the last second. He loved so much that blood dripped from his body, with so much love for us. And I try not to hate whoever wished my son bad, but I’m human, my heart feels like it’s going to disappear inside and swallow my chest”, the Piauí continued.

“So beautiful, I saw myself in you, I dreamed of you in my arms going up on stage, so much son, so much. I loved meeting you son, from the bottom of my heart, I loved seeing you, I loved the 24 hours with you, every little bump in Mom’s belly, every somersault, and I’m sorry for all these people. From where you are, they will give you understanding. May God take me out of this dark place. I love you son, I miss you. Feel the love of your father and mother wherever you are! God comfort the heart of my princess, the strongest in the world”, concluded.

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The song’s lyrics are also very strong. “It was just you getting here for so much to change in me. If one day I felt lonely, I know, you were missing (…) If I have nowhere to run, if it’s hard to breathe, may the breath of life in me, my God, put it on you”, sings Whindersson, in a snippet.

“You are going to see the sunrise and I want to be with you. When there’s no fish on the hook, I’ll always remember that it’s the lighthouse. Christ is the lighthouse. I will remember. I will remember what he did for me. Even without deserving it, he never left me. Everything is always where it should be. He gave me you and you taught me love”, he says, throughout the song. At the time, Whindersson also spoke on Twitter, sharing an excerpt from a Bible verse. “Let the little ones come to me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 19:14″, he wrote.

On Instagram, Maria published a beautiful tribute to João Miguel. “Son, meeting you was the most magical and special moment of my life. Take your skin, feel your heat, look at your little face, give birth to you, all these moments will remain forever in my memory and in your father’s as the best of our lives. I’m torn apart, your absence here with me has caused a hole in my chest that will never close”, she lamented.

“You are the brightest little star in my sky, the most beautiful and incredible thing that has ever happened to me. You are my north, my direction, and forever will be my greatest love. Your father and I will remember you and the thousands of times you brought us happiness inside your belly and in that one day of your life that you were with us out here. Thank you my João Miguel, you are everything Mom and Dad always dreamed of, thank you for teaching us so much about love. With love, Maria and Whindersson”, finished the influencer.

Maria Lina pays tribute to her little son João Miguel, who died with just two days of life (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

End of engagement

On August 13th, Whindersson and Maria used social media to announce the breakup of their engagement. Both had been together for ten months. “It’s sad to say and I don’t even know why I have to say it, but Maria and I are no longer together. Not everyone knows how to handle everything, and neither do I. I promised I would be someone and I couldn’t be. I know my thousands of flaws and we have to know when to retire so as not to harm anyone, even if no one understands”, started the comedian on Instagram.

Next, Nunes asked people not to attack Maria: “I hope with all my heart you don’t attack Maria. I won’t even say ‘let no one attack’, because evil exists, it’s out there and it won’t stop. That’s why I say ‘you’ myself, so you can at least understand me. From the bottom of your heart, receive someone with affection here on the internet, instead of saying that the person has come somewhere for someone or something, but someone who has dreams, who wants to help family, friends. Show the empathy you so much ask for when someone gets killed around here.”

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Finally, Whindersson mentioned his son João Miguel. “Me and Maria will always be connected, through an angel that God gave, an angel who came to impact in all ways and one day I also hope to understand all of this, and get back on my feet, because a dull clown loses his job in the circus”, he finished, with a photo beside Maria.

The young woman, in turn, shared the same image as the ex, and also published a text paying tribute to the history that the two had. “It was a pleasure to share life with you so far. We built a beautiful story! We love and respect each other every day we were together. Whindersson and I are no longer together, but we respect each other a lot and we will be forever connected by the fruit of our love. We hope you will respect our decision, and above all, do not look for a culprit. We know that our life is public, but there are things that only the 4 walls of a house know. With love, Maria”, he wrote.