Whindersson’s ex-fiancée Nunes vents about what happened to her son

Maria Lina, ex-fiancée of Whindersson Nunes, revealed the reason for not talking about what happened to her son

the ex-fiancée of Whindersson Nunes, digital influencer Maria Lina, broke the silence, and vented about what happened to her baby and why she doesn’t talk about it publicly. It so happens that her son with Whindersson, little João Miguel, did not resist after being born in a very premature birth, with only 22 weeks of gestation.

The difficult farewell of little João Miguel took place three months ago. Since then, Whindersson Nunes and Maria Lina ended their engagement. Both never talked about what happened to their child that made the birth so premature. Their family and friends never explained what happened either.

Now, Maria Lina revealed the reason for not having talked about this subject. She also said that she does intend to explain what happened to her son with Whindersson Nunes and talk about your pregnancy, just so you can help other mothers.

One netizen commented: “Mari, when you feel ready, make a video about her pregnancy. It would help many mothers”. Maria Lina then replied: “I know that many mothers look to my words to soothe their hearts and I’m going to do the question box talking about my pregnancy, I’m going to do it, I just don’t know when yet, but soon, soon I’ll do it. I will make”.

She even explained the reason for her silence on the issue. Maria Lina explained that she did not talk about this subject, as she is waiting for the moment when she will feel very prepared for it: “And I also have to be very prepared, with a very good head because I know that all gossip sites will post my answers and, finally, it’s a snowball, you know? So I have to be very clear in my head to talk about it. Prepared to listen to a lot of nonsense from people without a clue”.

The digital influencer also reported what was her first step to overcome this difficult moment for her daughter. A netizen asked: “What is the first step you took to start overcoming everything that happened to you?”. And Maria Lina commented: “I believed in God’s plans and understood that the best is to come”.

Maria Lina talking about João Miguel, her son with Whindersson Nunes

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