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Boi-Bumbá is one of the least talkative and most mysterious characters who have stepped onto the stage at The Masked Singer Brasil so far. He gave few hints about his identity, barely moved on the scene and managed to confuse all the jurors. But what little he said was enough to hint at who is behind the fantasy.

Simone Mendes and Taís Araujo even noticed a sertanejo streak in the mysterious singer and bet on Sorocaba and Almir Sater, respectively. But they went far from identifying that the masked one is the Marrone, from the duo Bruno & Marrone.

Despite being quite reserved, the countryman has a past full of controversies. In 2012, he was caught by his ex-wife, Natália Portes, in a bar kissing another woman. She forgave her, but two years later she paid him back, and the singer thought it best to split up so as not to get the reputation of a “cuckold.”

Brown at a social event (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

In 2020, he was accused of defaulting R$1.5 million on his former partner at a steakhouse. After the case came to light, they made a deal and ended the fight. Marrone agreed to pay the sum of R$ 225,000 to Eurismar Aparecido Ferreira, in ten installments. The last one expires in January 2022.

O TV news used all the clues given by the character and paid attention to the details of his performance to find similarities even in his body language. Check out:


Marrone showed his cattle breeding to SBT

cattle life

In its introduction, the Boi-Bumbá said: “The ox is a very important animal in rural life”. Marrone owns cattle farms throughout the interior of Goiás, and has already given interviews citing the importance of his animal husbandry, which generates employment for hundreds of people.


Boi-Bumbá holds a hoe and dries the sweat

cold weather

“When I was young, I lived on the farm, pulled a hoe, drew milk from a cow”, declared Boi-Bumbá before singing on stage at The Masked Singer Brasil. In an interview with Geraldo Luís, at Record, in 2016, Marrone had recounted details of his childhood working as a boia-fria.

gratitude to the past

Another sentence released by Boi-Bumbá on Globo’s reality show is very similar to the one said by Marrone in the same interview with Geraldo Luís. “The hardness of this job only makes me love my people and my land,” reported the masked man. On the Record program, he had spoken of his respect for boias-frias and his love of rural life, which was where he drew strength to break with his fate in farming.


Marrone playing accordion in concert with Bruno

The day I left home…

Boi-Bumbá revealed to Ivete Sangalo that he dropped out of school at the age of 14 to pursue his dreams. It was at this age that Marrone left his life in the countryside in the interior of Goiás and moved to the capital, Goiânia, to try his hand at life as a musician. Since he was ten years old, he played the accordion and nothing took his mind off the desire to present his talent.


Boi-Bumbá and Marrone gesture in the same way

raised my hands

Marrone is a person of few words, he rarely gives interviews without Bruno, his partner, but the few times he speaks, he usually gestures a lot. Always with arms raised, as if to point to the horizon. And that was how Boi-Bumbá talked to Ivete Sangalo at the end of her performance at The Masked Singer. When he’s on stage at his shows, the countryman also likes to stretch his arms a lot at the end of his songs, as does the masked man.

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