Whoever gets undue assistance may have to return it in double

A bill in the Chamber of Deputies wants to make changes in the logic of charging undue Emergency Aid. According to the text, the citizen who takes the money from the program without having the right may have to return the amount in double. The idea, by the way, has just advanced among parliamentarians.

According to the Chamber of Deputies itself, the project was approved by the Security Commission. Now, the text should go to other committees over the next few weeks. The idea is precisely to make more people pay higher amounts because they are receiving the program’s money improperly.

The idea is that the collection only affects people who have been proven to act in bad faith. This means therefore that only users who really knew what they were doing will go through this punishment. According to the Ministry of Citizenship, there are situations in which the citizen receives the money because of fraud committed by third parties.

The author of the substitute in question is the Federal Deputy, Francisco Júnior (PSD-GO). According to him, the project is of paramount importance for the country at the moment. “The measure strengthens the program’s transparency and social control,” said the Deputy in an interview on the official website of the Chamber of Deputies.

Now, according to the internal rules of the house, the project in question must go through two more commissions. Only after that could the text go to the Plenary. Although the road seems long, the first approval by the Security Commission ended up giving more hope to the authors of the text.

Return of Aid

Under current rules, a person who takes Emergency Relief improperly must return the money. The text that is in Congress considers that this punishment needs to rise and wants to double that amount.

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The original text of the agenda predicted that the person would have something around 12 months to make this return. However, Deputy Francisco Júnior inserted a provision that states that this return must take place within a maximum of six months.

Also according to the text, if the person does not pay this amount within this period, he would face a new punishment. From then on, she would have to pay a fine of 0.33% per day. At least that’s the parliamentarian’s idea.


The level of the amount that the Federal Government lost with undue payments of Emergency Aid is not very clear. The Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) and the Federal Comptroller General (CGU) have different data in this regard.

In any case, both bodies claim that undue payments exceeded the one billion reais mark. And this considering only the data of irregularities that would have been committed only during the last year.

If all these people returned double the amount, the Government could create a large box with this money. However, currently, the rapporteur’s concern is only to make this bill pass as soon as possible in the National Congress.

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