With Lucas Lima, Fortaleza draws 3rd game in a row and is 0-0 with Cuiabá – 08/30/2021

In the debut of Lucas Lima, who entered the halftime, Fortaleza drew their third straight match in the Brasileirão. At home, at Arena Castelão, the team was 0-0 against Cuiabá for the 18th round of the tournament.

The club from Mato Grosso reached the fifth game undefeated, but is only in 15th place in the table, with 21 points won. Tricolor, which came from two equals by 1 to 1 against Santos and Juventude, is with 33 and continues in third position, six points behind the leader Atlético-MG.

Leão do Pici’s next match will be this Saturday (4), at 9 pm, against Bahia. The 19th round match is scheduled for the Pituaçu stadium. On the same day and time, Dourado visits Santos in Vila Belmiro.

Lucas Lima willing

After playing for Fortaleza last Friday (27), Lucas Lima was listed and entered the halftime of the match. The midfielder was not brilliant, but appeared for the game, sought the ball behind the midfield and also found good passes in the second half.

His movement in the field indicates that he is, at least, more turned on. Along the Brasileirão, it can be a very important piece to improve Leão do Pici’s last pass, as the team manages to dominate the rival and fails to find spaces to complete it.

It went well: Marcelo Boeck, the wall

Tricolor was better, however, only leaves the field with one point thanks to the performance of Marcelo Boeck. With at least two great saves, the goalkeeper kept the team with only 16 goals conceded in the tournament, being the fourth best defense, alongside Flamengo.

Bad: Matheus Vargas shows up little

The lackluster performance of Matheus Vargas was even more evident after Romarinho came on in his place, at 18 in the second half. While Vargas did not scare the opposing defense, Romarinho managed important dribbles, mainly in the right sector.

tricolor pressure

Fortaleza dominated the first 30 minutes of the match. With quick plays and an engaging exchange of passes, the home team created the main opportunities of the match. Within a minute, Robson had a dangerous submission. Crispim, at 6, also scared goalkeeper Walter.

However, the best move ended with Pikachu. At 26, David received it on the left and crossed the entire field until crossing, from the right, as far as the right wing. He tried with his head, but Walter managed to dodge it. At 30, he still tried to hit from a distance, without so much danger.

Cuiabá scares

Cornered until then, Dourado got two good submissions in the final minutes. Cabrera took advantage of the badly hit ball from the defense and sent a bomb to the goal, which Boeck deflected in the 39th minute.

Pepê started the play with a beautiful hat in midfield, brought it to the left and crossed in the area at 43. João Lucas appeared in the back of the mark and submitted at point-blank range, forcing the archer to make a great save. He still tried on the rebound, but it was off balance.

a lot of movement

At halftime, the entries of Lucas Lima and Wellington Paulista, at Fortaleza, and osman, in Cuiabá, maintained a high level second half. The match had few moments of slowness and continued with the design of the first stage: Fortaleza more time with the ball, pressing, and the visitors attentive to the counterattack.

Uendel, at 21, hit strong from the entrance of the area in the best chance of Dourado. As the game went on, the home team’s greater possession of the ball became less and less effective. The last danger was the free kick by Pikachu, at 44, who swept the crossbar.

Tinga 200

Before the match, Tinga was honored by the board of Fortaleza, for having completed 200 games for the team against Juventude, in Caxias do Sul. giving option in attack.

Unprecedented showdown in Series A

It was the first time that the teams faced each other in the first division of Brasileirão. The teams had only faced each other on 12 occasions in Serie C. In the history of the third division, Cuiabá won one and Fortaleza won six other matches. The teams tied five times.


Date: 08/30/2021
Local: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE);
Hour: 9:30 pm (from Brasília);
Referee: Paulo Cesar Zanovelli (MG);
Assistants: Felipe Alan Costa de Oliveira (MG) and Celso Luiz da Silva (MG);
VAR: Rafael Traci (SC).

Yellow cards: Igor Torres (FOR); Clayson, Jenison, Yuri Lima, Pepê, Rafael Elias (CUI).

Strength: Marcelo Boeck; Tinga, Jackson, Titi; Yago Pikachu, Felipe, Éderson (Lucas Lima), Matheus Vargas (Romarinho), Lucas Crispim (Henríquez); Robson (Igor Torres) and David (Wellington Paulista). Technician: Juan Pablo Vojvoda.

Cuiabá: Walter; João Lucas, Marllon, Paulão (Wálber) and Uendel; Auremir (Yuri Lima), Camilo (Jonathan Cafu) and Pepê; Cabrera (Osman), Clayson and Jenison (Rafael Elias). Technician: Jorge.