With more than 1,100 vacancies across the country and salaries of up to R$7,800, see how to participate in trainee programs

September is approaching and with that the number of vacancies open for trainee programs in large companies in Brazil it increases, as is the case every year. This is because it is during this period that companies begin to open their doors more intensely in order to recruit recent graduates or people with little professional experience, but who have high potential and train them in accordance with the company’s principles.

For those looking for an opportunity, it is possible to find in these selections not only a job, but a career, a lot of learning and very high salaries, especially considering that the person is still entering the market. To get an idea of ​​the values, there are recruiters offering that reach R$ 7.8 thousand for those approved, as in the case of the Heineken brewery. With so many benefits, it is not surprising that competition is high — often passing from a thousand candidates per vacancy — and surpasses that of many public examinations.

Currently, there are more than 1,100 openings for programs from companies such as Raízen, Vale, Itaú Unibanco, Santander, Heineken, Grupo Boticário and VTEX. Raízen alone, a joint venture between Cosan and Shell, has 540 vacancies for its units spread across several states. Opportunities are for students from across the country, with no prior experience or knowledge of English required. The company’s trainee program is suitable for recent graduates, from any undergraduate course, and with the possibility of traveling for work. In addition to remuneration of R$7,000, those selected will have access to benefits compatible with those in the market.

Applications are available on the company’s Talents page (talentosraizen.gupy.io) until September 12, 2021 and the start is scheduled for February 2022. The selection process consists of four stages and, due to the pandemic, will be conducted virtually.

heineken0012 – NE10

Heineken is also looking for new professionals for the trainee program. The idea of ​​the so-called Leadership Experiences is to train future managers in one year, starting in February of the next year. The expected salary is R$ 7.8 thousand and recent graduates from any bachelor’s, technologist or licentiate’s course can enroll. The company asks candidates to have an intermediate level of English, as the trainers will have contact with foreign divisions.

The entire selection process will be carried out online in a gamified system, built by the company for selection. In all, there will be six stages and registration is open until the next September 16th and must be done at leadershipexperiences.com.br.

Trainee x Internship

Anyone wishing to win a trainee position should be aware of the differences between the modality and the internship. This is explained by career specialist Adriano Lima, from AL+ People Performance Solutions. According to him, while the internship is more focused on learning, the trainees must come with a baggage of innovation and leadership to add to the company. “Most of the trainees already have some professional experience, such as an internship, and must have a minimum remuneration compatible with the category’s floor”, he points out.

In the same vein, Joebson Oliveira, Human Resources consultant and coordinator of the Career Unit at Unit-PE, explains that “the trainee, unlike the intern, is a newly graduated professional who will undergo an experience within the company that hired him. ”.

He also says that, in addition to understanding what differs between them, it is necessary to do self-analysis and identify their values ​​and career ambitions before taking risks in the selection process. “It is also important for the candidate to research the company’s culture and what is required in the program. Then, reflect on how much the company and the program are aligned with your personal profile and professional expectations. If the answer is yes, you will be more prepared and confident to participate in the process”, says Joebson.

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attitude is worth more

One of the most common mistakes is that the professional is selected and ends up leaving unmotivated in the middle of the journey because he didn’t do his homework. In other words, he did not relate the career opportunity in the company to his wishes and purposes. “Companies look at behavior, not curriculum. The important thing is to get to know yourself, know what you want for your career and see if there is a connection with the company’s culture and the purpose of the program”, emphasizes Luciane Albuquerque, organizational consultant and professor of Human Resources at Estácio.

For her, the candidate must have their feet on the ground and know that great achievements are generated from effort. “One of the main characteristics sought by young people is the “hands on” profile, that is, not being afraid of doing the activity more operational and at the same time having the skills to carry out what is challenging”, says Luciane, also pointing to the importance of having a second language in the curriculum.

Trainee vacancies open

Vacancies: not limited
Salary: not informed
Education: any higher education course
Registration: until September 12th through the link: https://careers.vtex.com/early-careers/digital-commerce-specialist-program/

Plan & Plan
Vacancies: not limited
Salary: not informed
Education: civil engineering, cartographic engineering, production engineering, business administration, economics, architecture and urbanism
Registration: until September 13th through the link: https://planoeplano.across.jobs/

Vacancies: 540
Salary: BRL 7 thousand
Education: any higher education course
Registration: until September 12th through the link: https://talentosraizen.gupy.io/

Vacancies: 357
Salary: not informed
Education: administration, accounting sciences, economics and production engineering
Registration: until August 30 through the link: https://www.kpmg.com.br/carreiras/jovens-talentos/

Vacancies: not limited
Salary: BRL 7.8 thousand
Education: any higher education course
Registration: until September 16 through the link: https://leadershipexperiences.com.br/

Itaú Unibanco
Vacancies: not limited
Salary: BRL 7.6 thousand
Education: any higher education course
Registration: until September 13th through the link: https://traineefeitocomvoce.com.br/

JC-ECO0829_vagas_jconline – PHOTO: ARTS/JC