Woman lights cigarette during flight is expelled from plane in USA; Look

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08/30/2021 12:44 pmUpdated on 08/30/2021 5:56 pm

A woman was expelled from a flight after lighting a cigarette in the cabin, while disembarking from a Spirit Airlines plane in Florida (USA). A video of the moment drew attention on TikTok and already has about 50 thousand views.

The passenger, whose identity was preserved, is filmed by another woman putting down her protective mask against the covid-19 and lighting her cigarette. After being confronted by other passengers on the flight, she claims she had “a long day”, according to the Daily Star.

Beatrice Trifonova was responsible for recording and publishing the images on her official TikTok account. In the caption, she wrote: “This is what happens when you smoke on a plane. She denied smoking in front of the flight attendants, but they found the cigarette in her empty glass.”

While at Fort Lauderdale airport, she was escorted by police officers to a police station in Broward County. In an official statement, the police commented on the case: “The flight attendants noticed the odor and the other guests were quick to point out who was responsible and deliver what was left of the unlit cigarette.”

He added: “Our crew summoned police to wait at the gate to pick up the passenger.”

Despite the confusion, the woman was not detained.