workers born in December receive the 5th installment of the benefit; check dates

This Tuesday (31/08), the 5th installment of emergency aid will be paid to those born in December (public) and with final NIS 0 (Bolsa Família).

Caixa finalizes the payment of the 5th installment of emergency aid. This Tuesday (31/08), the benefit will be deposited for the born in december that are not part of Bolsa Família. That is? CadÚnico members and citizens who received emergency aid in December last year. The values ​​follow the same: R$150, R$250 or R$375.

Everything will depend on the family composition of the beneficiaries. Home-providing mothers receive the highest of values: BRL 375. Meanwhile, citizens who live alone have parcels of BRL 150. The other beneficiaries of the program, with more than one member in the family group, are entitled to the average payment of BRL 250.

5th installment of the aid is completed; see who still receives

Like there was no deadline for new applications, Dataprev was responsible for only verifying who is still entitled to emergency assistance. The processing result can be accessed directly on the state’s page. This Tuesday (31/08), the last group of the general public receives the 5th installment of the benefit (born in December).

Check out the complete calendar of the 5th installment of the emergency aid for those who are not part of Bolsa Família:

Birthday monthdeposit datewithdrawal date

5th installment for Bolsa Família

For Bolsa Família beneficiaries, the payment logic works differently. The dates follow the same schedule as the program, that is, always in the last 10 working days of each month. This Tuesday (31/08), those registered with NIS ending in 0 will receive.

NIS final numberPayment dates
NIS 1August 18, 2021
NIS 2August 19, 2021
NIS 3August 20, 2021
NIS 4August 23, 2021
NIS 5August 24, 2021
NIS 6August 25, 2021
NIS 7August 26, 2021
NIS 8August 27, 2021
NIS 9August 30, 2021
NIS 0August 31, 2021