1st place overall at UFPR, freshman in medicine plans to work at SUS: ‘Don’t belittle the context that brought me here’ | education

In the dispute for places in 128 undergraduate courses, the best result was that of Gustavo Schick, aged 18, now a freshman in medicine and first place in the overall classification.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which made the university entrance exam edition to be held in a single phase, and the exam postponed three times, also made it difficult for many students to prepare.

Gustavo commented that he worked hard to get through, and that he was lucky and privileged that his family was able to encourage him in preparing for the test.

He highlighted the difficulties faced by other students, due to inequality, and said that he wants to help society with his future work as a doctor.

“The mission, in the first place, is not to underestimate the context that brought me here. Many people say congratulations, but I was able to have the opportunity to study, which I know not everyone has. I’m going to be at a public federal university, so, nothing is fairer than serving the people, working in the SUS,” he said.

While studying to take the entrance exam, in 2020, the student left Curitiba, where he was taking a prep course, and returned to his family’s house, who lives in Canoinhas, Santa Catarina.

It was with his family that he concluded the preparatory phase and where he checked the approval result.

Schick commented that he learned of the result from a friend over the phone. Minutes later, he received a call from the dean of UFPR, Ricardo Marcelo Fonseca, congratulating him.

Gustavo Schick, 1st place overall at UFPR and freshman in medicine — Photo: Gustavo Schick/personal archive

The student says that having the best result among all the entrance exams at UFPR was an “unattainable goal”, which he pledged to achieve.

“I had already reached the second phase of the federal exam and I didn’t pass. So, I made a commitment to myself that I would study to pass, but not only pass, I wanted to be the first. I committed myself to that”, he commented.

The list with the names of those approved in the entrance exam 2020/2021 of UFPR was published in Contests Center website and in the +UFPR application. According to the university, more than 39,000 people applied for the entrance exam.

UFPR general classification – 2020/2021:

  1. Gustavo Schick – Medicine
  2. Maria Eduarda da Veiga Oliveira – Medicine
  3. João Lucio Uilli Ortiz – Medicine
  4. Thalis Vasconcellos de Aguiar – Medicine
  5. Gabriela Cristine Bueno Krast – Medicine

The result, which would initially be released on September 9, was brought forward so that students had time to complete all the registration procedures, according to UFPR. Classes will start on September 20th.

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UFPR released the 2020/2021 entrance exam result on Tuesday afternoon (31) — Photo: André Filgueira/UFPR/Divulgação

Due to restrictions in the face of the pandemic, in this edition there was no mud bath with the in-person commemoration of those approved, an event held as a tradition in previous editions.

The university broadcast through the YouTube channel, which featured a “virtual mud bath” and a statement from the dean.

The UFPR entrance exam was held in a single stage in this edition, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. At tests were given on July 18, in more than 70 test locations in the state, according to the institution.

Of the total 39 thousand registered, 16,500 missed the race. The entrance exam was postponed three times.

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