A woman tries to defend her friend in a fight, is stabbed and dies; ‘did not have a doctor or ambulance in the hospital’, survivor account | Pernambuco

One woman died and another was injured after being stabbed by a couple during a fight in the municipality of Ferreiros, in the Zona da Mata of Pernambuco. The fatal victim was trying to defend her friend from the attacks when she was hit five times. According to the Civil Police, the case took place on Monday night (30), in a bar.

A 21-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman were arrested for the crime. The Military Police reported that they arrested the suspected couple with a knife, shortly after the complaint, but at the Nazaré da Mata Police Station, they were released.

This Tuesday (31), after being informed of the death of one of the victims of the stabbing, the PM went back to taking steps and the suspects were captured again, in Timbaúba.

According to student Karla Rosa da Silva Moura, 31, one of the wounds, the woman who died, identified as Jaqueline Maria da Silva, 30, was rescued by the Mixed Health Unit Berenice Gomes Correia, at the Centro de Blacksmiths. On site, however, there was no doctor.

The housewife Jaqueline Maria da Silva was then taken to a health unit in the neighboring town of Timbaúba. Due to the seriousness of the injuries, she was transferred to the Hospital da Restauração, in the center of Recife, where she died.

“In Ferreiros there was no doctor, there was no ambulance in the hospital. They closed the door so as not to attend to her. After that, they transferred us to Timbaúba, but, due to gravity, she was transferred to the HR. She died at 23:17,” he said Karla Moura, who had minor injuries to the groin, head and arm, and did not need to be hospitalized…

A video taken by Karla at the time of Jaqueline’s rescue shows the housewife on the floor of the health unit in Ferreiros, bloodied (see video below).

Stabbed woman awaits care on the floor of a health unit in Ferreiros

Stabbed woman awaits care on the floor of a health unit in Ferreiros

The city reported that, by the time the victims arrived at the health unit, the doctors on duty were in hospital removals for orthopedic trauma and patients with Covid-19. The management also informed that the head nurse of the place was called, provided first aid and immediately called the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu).

Karla Moura stated that the confusion occurred when she and her friend were drinking at a colleague’s house, the same location as the bar where the crime took place.

The couple who committed the aggression arrived at the scene and the woman started the fight out of jealousy of Karla’s partner, with whom the suspect also had a romantic relationship.

“I’ve been in a relationship with a guy for a year and she has an affair with several men. In the morning, she came over drunk to plead with my partner, said she was going to kill him. I said that if she did, I would kill her. Then she came back with another lover of hers, threw a rock at my head,” stated Karla Moura.

The student stated that she was stabbed by the woman and the man and that her friend Jaqueline, upon seeing her being assaulted, tried to defend her. “Jaqueline broke a bottle over his head and he, dizzy, stabbed her with a knife. She fell and he took four more,” he declared.

Through a note, the Civil Police stated that the case was registered at the Goiana Police Station. “The investigations have been initiated and are continuing until the fact is fully clarified”, the text states.

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