About to debut on ‘Domingão’, Luciano Huck reveals Angélica’s advice to decide on a professional future

Luciano Huck (Photo: Fábio Rocha/Globo)Luciano Huck (Photo: Fábio Rocha/Globo)

Luciano Huck he started to meditate and uses this practice every day. About to debut ahead of “Sunday”, he does breathing exercises that he learned from the woman, Angelica. And also with professional guidance from Professor Kléber Tani. When did it come time to decide whether to stay in the Globe or would go into politics, this was fundamental:

– After the plane crash we suffered, what Angelica did very well was not any kind of anxiolytic. It was breathing. It was meditation. It was yoga. So, we respect a lot, me and the children, the tools she brought into the family. On the day when I was most distressed about the decisions I had to make, she said, “I have an Indian friend who says it’s best to be silent. That answers won’t come from anyone. They come from you.”

That’s how the couple traveled to a five-day retreat, accompanied by Kléber:

– It was me and her. Without cell phone. We talk as little as possible. Doing five meditation sessions a day in the Serra de Minas, near Ibitipoca. We were isolated in a house in the middle of the forest. It was immersive. It was very important in the process. You breathe and be silent is important. I love to learn.

Luciano Huck and Angelica (Photo: Globo)Luciano Huck and Angelica (Photo: Globo)


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