Actor’s mother rescues photo with Bruno Gagliasso

Dea Lucia, mother of Paulo Gustavo, actor and comedian who died from complications at Covid-19, used Instagram Stories last Monday (30) to share an old click of his son alongside actor Bruno Gagliasso, who also reposted the moment on his profile.

“Diding some tidying up, I found this photo”, wrote Déa, in the caption of the post. Bruno, in turn, also spoke about registration. “Our. This one is a few years old,” wrote the actor.

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Mother of Paulo Gustavo and Bruno Gagliasso recall old photo with comedian – (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram Stories)

The death of Paulo Gustavo

Paulo Gustavo died aged 42 on May 4, after complications caused by Covid-19. The actor suffered a pulmonary embolism and ended up not resisting, leaving her husband, Thales Bretas, two children – Romeo and Gael – and family members. At the time, the actor had not yet received the vaccine, due to the delay and unavailability in a large part of the country.

Prevention of Covid-19 and the importance of vaccination

Despite advances in vaccination, the Covid-19 pandemic is not over. With that, it is still important that there is prevention. Some of the recommendations are: avoid agglomerations, use a mask and sanitize your hands with alcohol gel or wash them whenever possible.

Prefer open places and, if you feel unwell, stay at home, looking for a doctor only with symptoms of worsening disease such as shortness of breath, cough and fever. Vaccination is also important and the recommendation is to pay attention to the dates when doses will be applied in the city or region where you live.

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