Administrative reform creates performance evaluation and changes the rules of the probationary stage

Administrative reform creates performance evaluation and changes the rules of the probationary stage

Photo: Toninho Barbosa

The PEC report on administrative reform maintained the government’s proposal to institute a performance evaluation for public servants and changed the current rules of the probationary stage.

In addition, the text limits the only two types of contracts for new civil servants. The new rule provides for entry into the civil service by middle of contest or by contract temporary work. Today, there are seven ways to enter the public service, including a commissioned position.

The rapporteur for the administrative reform in the Chamber, Arthur Maia (DEM-BA), said a moment ago that the rules for performance evaluation will be instituted through a complementary bill.

However, the PEC will provide some parameters for this: it will be political persecution of public officials prohibited and the citizen will be able to evaluate the server through the federal government’s digital platforms, such as and The employee will have the right to defend himself if he is poorly evaluated.

“We have written a report where any type of dismissal will be submitted, before anything else, to performance evaluation. Only an insufficient performance evaluation can lead to the dismissal of a worker”, said Maia.

Maia also stated that the new rules will not apply to servers that are currently active. “The current rights and expectations of rights are preserved”, said the deputy, who also guaranteed the maintenance of the stability of the civil service.

Another change foreseen in the PEC of the administrative reform is related to the probationary stage. Today, before gaining stability, the server goes through a single assessment at the end of the first three years of public service. Now the employee will go through six semester evaluations before being entitled to stability.

After being filed, the text will undergo analysis by deputies from tomorrow for the inclusion of modifying amendments. The expectation is that the PEC will be voted by the special committee on the subject on the 13th and 14th of September.

Read the full text of the administrative reform PEC

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