Affair de Caio Castro arrives in Brazil after two years abroad, says columnist | gossip from the famous

Larissa Bonesi is identified as Caio Castro's affair

Larissa Bonesi is identified as Caio Castro’s affair

Larissa Bonesi, identified as Caio Castro’s affair, is in Brazil. The actress, who lives in India, hopes to return to the country as soon as possible. On Instagram, she said she already misses the place.

According to columnist Leo Dias, Larissa is in a rented apartment in Itaim Bibi, in São Paulo and cannot receive visitors, due to security measures against Covid-19. Who decided to return to live in São Paulo was the actor Caio Castro, who ended up with Grazi Massafera.

Columnist sources say that the actor wasted no time and wants to romance Larissa. Contact between the two intensified in the last two weeks and even video calls took place between the two.

“There’s even a FaceTime call in which Caio asks her to see him sleeping,” a source told Leo Dias. “They are ex-boyfriends, when Caio was at the beginning of his career, but they never cut ties. The trip he took recently with Grazi (Massafera) to India was because of Larissa”, he said.

Friends of the actor confirmed that they were together, back and forth, for six years and that he still keeps the gifts given by Larissa. Currently, the model’s Instagram comments are blocked, after threats received by fans of Grazi Massafera.

Who is Larissa Bonessi

The 31-year-old actress and model is one of the leading names in Netflix’s Indian film ‘Penthouse’. On Instagram, the young woman has 440,000 followers and is well known for films by the production company Telegu, in India. Larissa started out as a dancer alongside Bollywood actors in a romantic comedy.