After closing with Tiago Nunes, Robinson de Castro details the reason for choosing the coach: “Come for this”

Even being in a comfortable position in the Brazilian Championship, the board of Ceará chose to fire coach Guto Ferreira last Sunday afternoon (29), after Vozão was defeated 2-0 against América Mineiro, in Minas Gerais. On social networks, many fans and commentators were left without knowing why the commander had been fired even with the good campaign in the national tournament so far.

Even so, the week remained hectic. On the afternoon of last Monday (30th), the high Ceara dome acted quickly in the market and already got it right with Tiago Nunes, unemployed since he was fired by Grêmio, at the beginning of Brasileirão. The new commander will have 13 days of training before making his debut in front of his former club, for the 20th round of the Brasileirão.

This Tuesday (31), President Robinson de Castro explained the choice by the name of Tiago Nunes, in an exclusive interview with Globo Esporte. In the vision of the president, Alvinegro needs to stop swinging away from home and have a better performance in some matches. Finally, the manager understands that the club needs something new for the 2nd round.

“It was our first name and the only one we came to deal with, because the conversation immediately evolved a lot. He is a coach with content, good group management, empowers players, knows the squad and the competition well. He also enjoys working with young people, and Ceará has been a northeastern breadbasket. O the goal is for him to take advantage of all the good things and innovate so that we can continue to appear on the first page of the Brazilian Championship. It would be a great achievement. Of course we want more, but we have to be aware that Tiago doesn’t come to do absurd things”, said Robinson, who wants the new commander to stir the pot.

“He is a coach who balances this more (offensive), likes to give different roles to the players, to innovate. We bring a new lease of life and start for players to develop more. It ends up stirring the pot at a time when we are going to have a turning point in the campaign. The second round always has different situations and we needed something new. James comes to this”, concluded the president.