After disclosing the cause of death of her boyfriend, Sérgio Stamile, Carla Daniel vents: ”Respect the moment”

Shaken after the tragic loss of her partner, the actress asks for respect and talks about an attempt to blame the victim

This Tuesday (31), Carla Daniel used social media to vent about her boyfriend’s death, Sergio Stamile, found dead in Arpoador, in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.

After investigation by the Police, it was found that Pirata do Arpoador, as he was known, did not die from a fall, as was speculated at the beginning, but was murdered by suspects at the scene during the night.

“The park serves as a shortcut from the beach to Rua Bulhões de Carvalho, where he used to live. Anyone who frequents the region knows that! He may have entered to cut short his way back home. In the cave where he was attacked there is an image of Santa Sara. He he liked to go there to pray, meditate. He was very spiritual. It was one of the places he liked best in Arpoador. Perhaps, those who do not practice their faith will never understand.” said the actress.

“Respect the moment! All the suffering we’re going through is not enough anymore, people tend to question the victim’s guilt in a case like this. No, it’s not the victim’s fault!”, vented the artist, in a text answered on her profile.


Sergio Stamile he was just 41 years old and was found dead by military police officers from the 23rd BPM (Leblon), in the Garota de Ipanema Park, in Arpoador, in the South Zone of Rio.

“My great love left me today. I am heartbroken. I wanted so much more together, but I appreciate all the moments we had. The good you did me, your generosity, wisdom. Meeting of souls literally. I love you forever. My love great love and all your huge heart that you allowed me to feel it fully will always be in my soul”, declared the actress.