AI turns Street Fighter characters into people and the result is horrific

Use of Google AI made some characters uglier than scythe fight

A user of Twitter with a lot of free time decided to use the Google AI to “humanize” (or terrify in many cases) the characters of Street Fighter V. The algorithm of Google it’s like those different face maker apps that pop up regularly and then disappear.

The results are even OK and acceptable in some cases. I even bet that some will even call some characters “waifu”. In others… Ah… In others… Seeing is believing (and laughing). Including that obsession of Google AI in putting earrings!

All credits go to Siberian_644. Some even deserve some subtitles, others too. However, I cannot tank everything, dear readers. I see your creativity soon in the comments.

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Check out the rest of the images now. Some results were good, like our Brazilian fighter Laura Matsuda in the second image. The others had an “okay” result. O Google AI suffers a lot with objects on the head, such as caps, bandanas, caps or fringes and hands on the forehead. Some images were also consistent with the virtual characters. Two characters with eye accessories ended up getting glasses.

O Google AI uses images of people from a huge database. That’s why some images might look familiar, like the one of the Hollywood Guile I talked about.

And of course, depending on time and learning, more artificial intelligence you will learn about human faces and game characters. Awaiting a version with the characters of Tekken and Mortal Kombat


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Source: VGA 247