Alexandre maintains Roberto Jefferson’s preventive detention

Understanding that house arrest — even with the application of various precautionary measures — is insufficient to interrupt the criminal conduct of PTB president Roberto Jefferson, Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes maintained the preventive detention of the former parliamentarian .

Alexandre recalled that there is no conclusive evidence about Jefferson’s health status to justify granting the politician house arrest
Carlos Moura/SCO/STF

In the request to grant house arrest, Jefferson’s defense alleges that he is debilitated due to a serious illness and has comorbidities that can be “fatal given the unhealthy prison system” and the health crisis caused by Covid-19.

In the decision, the STF minister dismissed the allegations by arguing that, before his arrest, Jefferson performed intense political activity. “There is no conclusive evidence on the health condition of the custodian, who until the date of his arrest was fully exercising the presidency of a political party, carrying out intense political activity – without respecting any social isolation -, including several visits to offices in distant Brasília from his residence in the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro; to demonstrate his physical aptitude for long-distance travel,” said the minister.

Alexandre also points out that Jefferson repeatedly posted videos on his social networks attacking the Powers of the Republic and the democratic rule of law, often with a firearm in his hand, in addition to “didacticly and criminally” teaching people to attack public officials.

The minister notes that the allegations about the state of health of President Jair Bolsonaro’s ally only emerged after the decree of preventive detention and the offer of a complaint by the MPF.

“In addition to that, it appears in the records that Roberto Jefferson, when arrested, directly obstructed Justice, revealing that he disappeared with evidence that would be of interest to the present investigation, getting rid of his cell phone, and making fun of the police team that was in his residence” , scored the judge.

Finally, Alexandre cites a letter released by Jefferson in which he states that he “will not accept to serve under house arrest with an ankle bracelet”, if eventually the benefit is granted to him, and denies the request.

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