Alpaca Geronimo, which caused a big stir in the UK, is shot down

Geronimo, Male alpaca, who won the title of most famous in the UK, was shot down on Tuesday morning after being sentenced to death by the government, said the “Sun”.

Animal rights activists fought to the end to save the doomed animal, stepping into confrontation with the police while agents from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs tied a rope around his neck and they took him from the farm where he lived in Wickwar (Gloucestershire, England).

Alpaca Geronimo in his farmyard in England
Alpaca Geronimo in his farmyard in England Photo: Reproduction

Other alpacas watched from a nearby field as he was loaded into a trailer and taken away. Geronimo’s saga has stirred social media in recent weeks. It came to an end after the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal, arguing that the alpaca was a danger to the survival of other animals.

After the arrival of agents and police, Geronimo ran into the enclosure along with other animals, but ended up captured in 20 minutes. Sobbing, 50-year-old farmer Helen Macdonald said she didn’t want to see the scene.

“I left. If I stayed, they would arrest me for obstruction.”, she stated.

His untimely death occurred after he tested positive for bovine tuberculosis twice. But more than 140,000 supporters, including TV celebrities, signed a petition insisting the results were false positives and calling for the alpaca to be spared.