Ambipar buys 70% of waste management company – Money Times

The purchase price was not informed (Image: Disclosure/Company)

THE Ambipar (AMBP3) purchased 70% of the Suprema waste management company, through its subsidiary environmental, shows a document sent to the market this Tuesday (31). The purchase price was not informed.

According to the document, Suprema has been operating for 26 years in the management, handling and treatment of waste, co-processing, recycling, loading and transport of rock, with a main focus on the mining sector.

In addition, it has expertise in equipment customization to meet specific demands and has been awarded annually by customers as a standout in the provision of services and Quality and Safety management practices.

The company has national coverage, with operations in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Goiás and Rio Grande do Sul.

“This acquisition allows the Ambipar Group to diversify its portfolio of clients and sectors in which it operates, using Suprema as a platform to offer complete solutions in total industrial waste management with a focus on recovery, in line with its strategic growth plan”, he points out.

See the document:

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