Ana Paula Renault mocks when she sees Tiago Leifert crying on Globo

Ana Paula Renault
Ana Paula Renault made fun of Tiago Leifert (Image: Reproduction – SBT – Globo / Editing – RD1)

Ana Paula Renault surprised the audience of Gofocalizador, from SBT, in this monday (30), with a mockery about James Leifert. The ex-BBB criticized the presenter’s crying, which was observed in the final of the Super Dance of the Famous.

On the Globo program, the animator was moved when talking about Faustão and cried live. The former BBB participant, however, thought the cry was fake and fired: “I was moved by the crying, right?”.

“Look, Wolf Maya [diretor de novelas]… That’s right, Leifert. But look how wonderful, the BBB in your hands next year”, also commented Ana Paula Renault.

Despite this, the journalist made a point of praising the work done by the BBB presenter. “We cannot be unfair here. He is commanding very competently. Actually, I prefer Angelica… I prefer Eliana on Sundays”, she continued, chuckling, after having made a mistake.

Cartolano then reacted: “Your business became personal with Tiago Leifert”. “You think? I don’t know if you remember, Tiago Leifert defended pedophiles”, added Ana Paula, remembering a controversy involving the presenter.

The blonde, it is worth remembering, fought the Globo presenter on social media last year because of events at BBB 2016. At the time, Leifert defended Laércio by saying that accusations could not be made without proof.

On Sunday (29), Tiago Leifert cried before announcing Paolla Oliveira as the champion of Super Dança dos Famosos. “The greatest Dance of the Famous of all time. Our affection for the artists and teachers who have passed through here. Also in the thanks, congratulations to the entire technical team. You guys are very good”, declared the famous, who cried when telling that his career is full of challenges.

He recalled that he has already been called to replace big names in Brazilian television: “In my career, I had to replace Glenda [Kozlowski], Léo Batista, Tino Marcos, Bial and Faustão”.

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. And it was all better and more special because of you on the team. It was very easy, I swear. I thought it was going to be so hard and you guys made it look easy”, commented the presenter.

Tiago Leifert also stated about the moment: “I just got here and had fun like you guys. I just got here, said some gooseberries to the camera and everything worked out. So, my thanks to the team that received me so well. The Sunday audience also for all the affection, you were very nice to me from the beginning”.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

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