Andrew is eliminated after making a mistake for couscous recipe

Entrepreneur André, 32, is the ninth out of the eighth season of “MasterChef Brasil” (Band) evaluating amateur cooks.

The participant from São Paulo (SP) left the program after missing a couscous recipe. “His dish was beautiful, well-presented and complete. But his couscous was not good,” said chef Helena Rizzo after the elimination competition was over.

“A dish gets a second chance. And this dish belongs to Amanda”, completed Helena. Henrique Fogaça highlighted that this could be Amanda’s “last opportunity”, noting that the participant cannot continue failing in the program.

Check out what happened in today’s episode on ‘MasterChef’

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the fastest team

The first race of the night simulated a “race” between the participants. The fastest to complete the tasks would be the winners after adding up the score in a sequence of challenges.

Participants were separated into three teams with five members. Luiz was the leader of the red team, while Isabella commanded the yellow one and Kelyn got the blue apron.

Afterwards, the guests of the night were announced, Caca Bueno and Nelson Piquet Jr. The pilots followed the work of the cooks on a bench.

Each challenge was completed by one of the team members. The first phase involved cutting onions, carrots and cabbage. After the demonstration by Erick Jacquin, the race was won by Helena (red team).

The second challenge required speed from the participants when preparing a hollandaise sauce. José Sérgio (blue team) won the challenge. The next test asked the amateur cooks to bone a chicken leg and Pedro (red team) was the fastest.

In the fifth and final round, the participants needed to fillet a trout. Heitor won the race and guaranteed the red team with the highest number of triumphs (three). With the highest score, they secured five slots on the mezzanine. Kelyn and Isabella were saved in the aftermath.

Couscous sets elimination

The chefs announced that couscous was the chosen dish to define the night’s elimination. “It’s a dish that can be prepared with several types of flour, it’s very versatile. Make a beautiful and wonderful dish, MasterChef level”, asked Henrique Fogaça.

Renato, Ana Paula and Márcio were the highlights of the race. “I would like to see you having a good laugh,” said Fogaça to participant Márcio when announcing that he presented the best dish in the challenge.

José Sérgio was chosen from the mezzanine to escape elimination. Daphne and Eduardo were also saved moments before Helena Rizzo announced André’s elimination.