Ânima (ANIM3) can buy CEUB for R$ 800 million, says newspaper

Ânima (ANIM3) can buy CEUB for R$ 800 million, says newspaper
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THE anima Education (ANIM3) would be about to buy the University Center of Brasília (CEUB). According to the newspaper Value, negotiations between the two companies are already advanced and the operation should move around R$ 800 million.

Sources told the newspaper that the total amount to be paid by Ânima includes the CEUB tax liability, generated after the non-profit brasiliense college lost this exemption.

Also according to the report, the course of CEUB medicine, with 750 students, was what attracted Ânima’s attention. owner of São Judas College it has about 10,000 medical students — one of the most profitable courses.

Recently, the Anima also bought Laureate. But it was in November last year that the company signed a contract with Grupo Laureate to acquire all the group’s assets in Brazil.

The contract provided for a price of R$ 4.4 billion, of which R$ 3.77 billion will be paid in cash to Laureate and R$ 623 million correspond to debts on assets that will be assumed by Ânima.

The proposal also included R$203 million as earn-out for 135 medical vacancies pending approval. According to a material fact disclosed on October 30, Ânima will comply with its obligations, paying a fine of R$ 180 million to Being Educational (SEER3), referring to the Go Shop process.

The simultaneous sale of 100% of Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas is also part of the operation (FMU) in the background Farallon for R$500 million.

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Ânima earns R$9.5 million and advances in the integration of Laureate acquisitions

With a strong acquisition strategy in the quarter, Ânima recorded a net profit of R$9.5 million in the second quarter of 2021. An increase of 48.2% compared to the profit of R$4.9 million in the same period last year .

According to Ânima, the integration of new acquisitions boosted the company’s good results. Since June, the following institutions have been added to the education company’s operations:

  • Anhembi Morumbi University (UAM);
  • Business School São Paulo (BSP);
  • Salvador University (UNIFACS);
  • Universidade Potiguar (UnP);
  • Ritter dos Reis University Center (UniRitter);
  • FADERGS University Center;
  • Guarapes University Center (UniFG);
  • CEDEPE Business School ;
  • IBMR University Center;
  • International College of Paraíba (FPB); and
  • Milton Campos College.

The company’s net revenue rose 64.5 in one year, to R$ 586 million and Ebitda (an acronym for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) jumped 107.7%: from R$ 85.9 million presented in the second quarter of last year, to R$ 150.1 million this quarter.

ANIM3 Quotation

The action of anima (ANIM3) ended today’s trading session with a slight drop of 0.30%, worth R$9.95.