Anitta reacts after Giovanna Lancelloti takes on a relationship with the singer’s ex: “What a mockery”

Giovanna Lancellotti takes up a relationship with Anitta’s ex – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @giolancellotti

Well resolved! Actress Giovanna Lancellotti confirmed the relationship with Anitta’s ex, businessman Gabriel David, and the singer reacted to the news this Tuesday, 31.

In an Instagram post, Lancellotti came out for Anitta’s ex. “I let it flow… What a hit!! I didn’t even know it was so good to love like this. It was the gift the moon brought to me. I love you,” he wrote.

The publication had repercussions on the web and Anitta, of course, left her comment. “Tuuuuuudoooo”, said the singer, who also put palms for the new couple. Anitta’s response divided opinions. “Maturity is her last name hahaha amo”, said a netizen. “What a mockery,” pondered another.

Other celebrities also celebrated the new couple. “How sweet! Good to see you happy and loving”, said Marina Ruy Barbosa. “How beautiful! My dream is to get to know this place”, wrote Grazi Massafera, who recently broke up with Caio Castro.

Giovanna Lancellotti and Gabriel David are enjoying a trip to Egypt. Lancellotti’s boyfriend is the son of the honorary president of the Beija-Flor samba school in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The affair with Anitta took place during Carnival in 2020 and lasted until April of the same year.