‘Anti-Vaccine Mom’ Denounced in New York for Selling False Covid-19 Vaccination Vouchers | World

The District Attorney of Manhattan, in the United States, filed a complaint this Tuesday (31) against the influencer AntiVaxMomma (Antivacine Mom, in English) by sale of false proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

Jasmine Clifford, from New Jersey, would have sold at least 250 fake cards at US$ 200 (R$ 1 thousand) each with the help of a partner, according to the researchers of New York.

Clifford would have offered it too, for an extra fee of US$250 (R$1,300), put the buyer’s name in the official database of vaccinees supplied by the US state.

With this fraud, it would be possible to attend events with controlled access for non-vaccinated, such as musical shows and baseball games.

The “anti-vaccination mom” fed a denial profile on Instagram, which was overturned after the complaint. Facebook, which controls the network, has said it will review other accounts that may be doing the same thing.

at least 13 people, who would have bought the fake card, were also denounced by American investigators. At least one of them would have paid to enter the government database.

Vaccination against Covid-19 in the US is free and universal. In New York, whoever gets vaccinated also receives a US$100 (R$500) incentive from the city hall.

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