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Currently, the most advanced Apple Watch being sold is the Series 6.

On the outside, its look hasn’t changed at all from its two predecessors; inside, however, we have a 30% faster processor than the Series 5, an always-on altimeter and a sensor capable of measuring blood oxygenation, for example.

If you were behind that clock, today the Kaboom! is bringing two excellent offers. The first is the GPS model, with a gold aluminum case. 40mm and sand-pink sports bracelet. Sold by Apple for R$5,299, it is coming out for BRL 3,051.58 — a discount from 42%. This amount can be split up to 12 times on credit cards.

For cash payments, this amount drops to BRL 2,899, a still excellent discount from 39% in relation to the price charged by Apple in cash, of R$4,769.10.

For those looking for the bigger model, 44mm, the site also has a good offer. With GPS connectivity, a space gray case and a black sports bracelet, it’s coming out for BRL 3,156.84, which represents a discount from 44% in relation to Apple’s price of R$5,649. This amount can also be split up to 12 times on cards.

For cash payments, the value drops to BRL 2,999, a very good discount from 41% in relation to the cash price of Apple, of R$5,084.10.

All promotions discounts advertised by MacMagazine are calculated based on prices suggested by Apple or other manufacturers. It may be that a particular product is commonly found at lower prices in retail chains, but our basis for comparison is always on top of the official table.

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