Are Covid-19 Vaccinated Health Workers a Threat? – Monitor R7

Message circulating in app groups makes the statement that health workers vaccinated against Covid-19 have a viral load 251 times higher than that of non-vaccinated ones. In just one of the groups, a message with this information was viewed by more than seven thousand people.

The message reproduces data that would be from a survey, with elements that would reinforce the credibility of the result. The researchers would be from the prestigious Oxford University and the research would have been published in The Lancet magazine, one of the most respected scientific publications in the world.

In addition to bringing the publication, the message uses what would be the conclusion of the research to affirm that these professionals would be a threat. With more coronaviruses in their blood, they could transmit the disease to their unvaccinated colleagues and aggravate the condition of the patients they see.

At the end of the message there is a defense that the vaccination is stopped and that only health professionals who have already contracted the coronavirus work, since they supposedly have already been immunized against the strongest strain.

The research really exists, it was done by the Clinical Research Group at the University of Oxford and was published before publication (preprint) in The Lancet. The survey data, however, was completely skewed.

The survey was conducted with healthcare professionals from a hospital specializing in infectious diseases in Vietnam. The comparison in relation to the viral load found in professionals was between those who were infected by the Delta variant and those who were infected with other strains of the coronavirus. The Delta variant had a viral load 251 times higher than that detected in other professionals infected with the coronavirus.

In the text of the official publication of the research, the interpretation of the results states that infections by the Delta variant are associated with high viral loads, longer positive PCR tests and low levels of neutralizing antibodies induced by the vaccine. For researchers, this last aspect explains the fact that the Delta variant causes greater transmission of the disease even among vaccinated people.

The conclusion, according to the researchers, is that, together with vaccination, “physical distancing measures remain critical for reducing transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant.”

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