Are you going alone? Got lost? Send live location to friends on WhatsApp – 01/09/2021

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app among Brazilians, but it’s not just for chats. You can also use the platform’s resources as a security measure. Did you know that you can share your location with family and friends in real time?

Picture the scene: you are in one place, your friends are in another, and you cannot find each other. Use WhatsApp to tell them exactly where you are.

The feature can also be useful when you need to go to an unknown address. Or are you still afraid that something bad will happen while traveling by bus, taxi, transport apps. Following the same process, a family member or friend can accompany your movement. If the route changes for any reason, your contact will know everything in real time.

You can set how long your location will be shared with the person you trust. It can be for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

on the iPhone

  • Open a conversation and select the + symbol.
  • Enter the “Location” option and choose “Share real-time location”.
  • Choose the time limit for your address to be visible and confirm.
  • Your contact will quickly know where you are and the entire route.

on android

  • Enter a conversation and scroll to a clip symbol.
  • Select the option “Localization” and “Share in real time”.
  • At this point, you choose the time you want and just confirm.

It’s fast, convenient, and if you want to finish sharing before the timeout, just select “end”.

Important Reminder: In order to work, your phone’s location settings (iPhone or Android) must be enabled for the app to access data.

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