At 45 years old, Luana Piovani poses in a bikini and a twisted body leaves fans in shock: ”Beautiful to live”

Celebrating another year of her life, the actress appears sporting beauty and collects praise from friends and fans

Wow! Luana Piovani left fans awestruck this Tuesday (31) by showing all his beauty and good shape in a sequence of clicks.

On social networks, the muse, who celebrated 45 years last Sunday (29), appeared wearing a black bikini and drew attention by sporting a dry belly and defined abdomen, in addition to shapely legs.

In the publication’s caption, where she also shared photos with her heirs and boyfriend, she thanked her for another year: “45 turbo engine. Grateful. Grateful, a thousand times grateful. I want so little, I have so much. My children, family, friends, profession”, initiated the actress.

“I’m living proof that a good mother, willpower and education guarantee post-choice success…Happy my new everything. I pray for the world and I fight for it, but mine, this little world that makes my days, thank God, I’ve managed to make it good.”, ffinished the artist.

In the comments, fans and friends left a flood of praise: “Beautiful to live”, “Wonderful”, “More beautiful each day”, “Too perfect”, said some of them.


Piovani didn’t miss the twins’ six-year anniversary Liz and welland shared all the details of the youngest garland.

In her social media profile, she recorded the happiness of the little ones as they played at the rented buffet and surprised her fans with the party decorations. The event took place in Portugal.