Barbara Evans reveals the result of the biopsy of her embryos and vents

Barbara Evans was thrilled to give details about the treatment to get pregnant

The model Barbara Evans, daughter of the presenter Monique Evans, moved everyone. On her social networks, she explained everything about her treatment to try to get pregnant.

Married since May 2020 to businessman Gustavo Theodoro, the two decided to increase the family. For this, the couple had to resort to in vitro fertilization. The procedure was recommended by physicians accompanying the 30-year-old model.

“I have a history of endometriosis and had ovarian surgery. I was directed to see a human fertilization doctor. That’s what we did without wasting time! Always thanking that there are ways to make our dreams come true”, he explained.

This week, Barbara Evans received the result of the biopsy of the collected embryos. The model cried a lot when explaining what happened.

“It will start with crying, the result came out. From seven embryos, we had three healthy, but we needed four. The doctor recommended two more cycles in a row of egg capture. I don’t have the emotional structure for that”, he vented.

The model also stated that despite what happened, the couple will try to make the first fertilization. “Let’s go ahead, put two embryos and leave one frozen. Let’s pray a lot and cheer a lot. I’m sure God is preparing the best,” he said.

Soon after releasing the video, many people commented on the case. “I have followed your entire process. Let’s believe in God that everything has already worked out. I’m praying for you,” wrote one netizen.

Another internet user commented: “Wow! I’m here crying with you. Everything will be fine”. While one fan stated: “You will be a wonderful mommy. God will do a double miracle in your life”.

The model’s mother, Monique Evans, took the opportunity to send good energy to the couple. “Very exciting! And to be living all this with you is amazing! How I love you”, published the presenter.

Barbara Evans also revealed that she and her husband have already scheduled the day for the implantation of the embryos. Without revealing the date, the model said that the preparation for the procedure has already started.

Model Barbara Evans with her husband Gustavo Theodoro

Play Instagram Model Bárbara Evans and her husband Gustavo Theodoro have already scheduled the implantation of the embryos

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