Before Kristen Stewart, find out which actresses played Princess Diana

Remember the actresses who played Princess Diana in fiction and won over audiences

Diana Spencer (1961 – 1997), the eternal princess of the people, left us exactly 24 years ago, in a terrible accident in Paris, France.

After so many years, Lady Di remains one of the biggest female references in the world, both for fashion and for activism. Diana’s popularity has captured the eyes of countless filmmakers, with clippings from different moments in her life.

Perhaps, due to idolatry, it was a little complicated to approach his story. However, some actresses have succeeded in bringing Diana Spencer’s emotion, sensitivity and character into TV and film productions.

In 2020, the fourth season of the series The Crown won the public eye (and took most of the awards at the awards) with Emma Corrin taking over the Lady. And, with her acting and appearance, she won the eyes of the media and faithful fans of the British.

THE Digital GUYS listed some actresses who played Diana in fiction. Let’s remember?

Serena Scott Thomas (Diana: Her True Story):

In 1993, NBC bet on production Diana: Her True Story (1993), inspired by the homonymous biography written by Andrew Morton, with support from sources close to his family and British royalty. The one chosen to play her was Serena Scott Thomas (59).

Emma Corrin (The Crown):

Netflix bet on an unknown actress to play Princess Diana in the calm The Crown. Emma Corrin (25) stole the spotlight in the fourth season of the British drama, earning critical statements and award nominations for his performance.

Naomi Watts (Diana):

The first Hollywood production about Lady Di was Diana (2013), who became a possible contestant for the awards season. For the role, the director Oliver Hirschbiegel was Naomi Watts (52). However, the story, which accompanies the novels of the final years of his life, was not well received by American and British critics.

Julie Cox (Diana: Princess in Love):

This is definitely the most scandalous production in Diana’s history, so we couldn’t fail to mention it. The story Diana: Princess in Love (1996) shows Lady Di’s alleged affair with her equestrian instructor, the Captain James Hewitt.

Bonnie Sooper (Lifetime):

Bonnie Soper (37) played Princess Diana in two films on the American broadcaster Lifetime: Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance and Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal. The actress appears as Lady Di in flashback scenes and won over the audience with her lightness and acting.

Kristen Stewart (Spencer):

Now it’s time to Kristen Stewart (31) playing Princess Diana. Directed by Pablo Larrain (Jackie), the movie spencer will tell the story of the 1991 weekend when Lady Di decided to divorce Prince Charles (72). The long premiere soon!

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