Before out of plans, pre-contract signing enters the agenda of businessmen, and Botafogo may lose Navarro for free | Botafogo

Rafael Navarro, Botafogo’s standoutSTATUS CONTENT

Published 08/31/2021 15:13

Rio – The soap opera involving Botafogo and striker Rafael Navarro gained new chapters. Coveted by Anderlecht-BEL, the player will not be traded with the Belgian team, since the transaction window ends this Tuesday, August 31, and the board of alvinegra has not even heard proposals for immediate operation. What makes the athlete’s representatives change their position in relation to the future.

Botafogo’s position in the conversations with Rafael Navarro’s representatives was clear: not to negotiate it before December, when the player’s relationship with the club ends, as they understand that the center forward is a key player in the fight for access to Serie A. With More than 40% of Alvinegro’s goalscoring participation in Serie B, Navarro is a key player in Enderson Moreira’s scheme. His reserve, Rafael Moura, hasn’t made good performances and puts Glorioso up against the wall when it comes to negotiating the starting center: sell and have a technical loss, or keep, take advantage of the performance on the field and let it go free in December? The decision, at least at the meetings, has already been made.

Despite the financial difficulty experienced and the expectation for funds to enter General Severiano’s coffers, Botafogo is playing hardball and does not want to release Rafael Navarro during the Second Division dispute. With this, businessmen who take care of the athlete’s career began to consider the idea of ​​signing a pre-contract, which was not thought of by the parties out of respect for Alvinegro.

Before a desire of both parties, the contract renewal should not happen. Navarro is grateful to Botafogo, but finds himself in a moment of great appreciation and wants to seek new air. The European market, without a doubt, appears as one of the alternatives. The idea of ​​entrepreneurs is to listen to as many offers as possible and then make a decision.

Backstage at Botafogo, sources in the report guarantee that, even in the face of the impasse, Rafael Navarro has not changed his ways and remains focused on helping Alvinegro return to the First Division. Even in recent days, the player participated in a “review” through videoconference, with players from the current squad and athletes who have already been at the club. In the conversation, he himself confirmed that he was wanted by Anderlecht-BEL.

Anderlecht’s proposal was something that seduced the athlete. In addition to the idea of ​​working with former defender Vincent Kompany, the coach there, Rafael Navarro has in his hands a three-year contract proposal, with the possibility of extending the contract for another two seasons. But, at least in this window, courtship did not become marriage.

Botafogo and Atlético-GO each hold 50% of the economic rights of the attacker. Rafael Navarro has seven goals and six assists in Serie B, being the leader in the participation of goals scored by Alvinegro.