‘Bitcoin Pharaoh’ tried to recover R$ 7 million by presenting investors’ names | Police

Glaidson Acácio dos Santos: arrested by the Federal Police

Glaidson Acácio dos Santos: arrested by the Federal Police

Hidden in three suitcases, nearly R$ 7 million were seized by the Federal Police (PF) in Búzios, in Região dos Lagos (RJ), in April this year.

The money would be transported by helicopter to the capital of São Paulo. At the time, three people were taken to the PF headquarters to explain the origin of the money. They claimed that the money belonged to GAS Consultoria. But they refused to inform the name of the owner of the amount. Months later, investigators would discover that the large sum belonged to 38-year-old former waiter and businessman Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, arrested last week on charges of leading a criminal pyramid scheme that turned over billions. Two weeks before being arrested, Glaidson even testified to investigators and asked for the return of the confiscated amount.

For the PF, fortune comes from money laundering. The press office of GAS said that the transport would be done by helicopter for “safety reasons” and that “the money was capital of third parties (clients), with legal origin, who outsourced the services of GAS in kind”. “PF has the origin of each client and the destination for each contract,” he added.

Months later, according to the PF, Glaidson’s company presented the name of investors in an attempt to recover the approximately R$ 7 million. “The company GAS itself presented itself as the owner and requested the restitution of the values ​​and vehicles seized, attaching several receipts of contributions of values ​​by individuals, in order to prove the lawfulness of the origin of the seized cash”, he said.

On the day he was arrested, his defender, lawyer Thiago Minagé, even declared: “Two weeks ago we had a hearing from Glaidson, here at the Federal Police, in a request for the return of a money seized (the R$ 7 million). I believe it has nothing to do with today’s action.” However, the apprehension was the trigger for the PF to start investigating in depth the financial life of the cryptocurrency operator.

Since 2015, Glaidson’s billionaire move was viewed with suspicion by the Internal Revenue Service. But the siege was closed for the former waiter when R$ 6.9 million in bags were seized with entrepreneurs Robermann Dias Guedes, José Augusto Mariano Fernandes and Helen Barbosa Pinto, who were about to board a chartered helicopter from Búzios to São Paulo. Paul.

To investigators, after being arrested, Robermann told that he is a businessman in the tourism sector and that he also provided services for GAS Consultoria. However, he did not want to talk about consulting for the former waiter. The man said in testimony that on the day of the arrest, April 28, he had “received three suitcases in his building, around 7:00 am, and that they were delivered to them by an employee of GAS Consultoria.” that he was asked to accompany the bags to a hotel in São Paulo. The businessman, in the deposition, however, could not say who would receive the bag. During the entire time he stressed that he did not know what was being transported.

During the statement to the PF, Robermann did not inform the police who was the representative of the GAS with whom he was dealing. The tourism sector businessman said that on the day of the trip he called his wife, Helen Barbosa, to take a helicopter tour. In testimony, the woman denied that she knew what was inside the suitcases and stated that she had no connection with Glaidson’s company.

In turn, José Augusto Mariano Fernandes confirmed that he provides services to GAS Consultoria, but he did not present any justification for transporting the amounts in cash. Fernandes, who said he is a businessman in the “consultancy, technology and information technology sector”, said that he provides services exclusively for GAS. He recalled that the company’s cars are in the building where he lives. On the day of his arrest, he stated that he was instructed by a GAS employee to use one of the cars to take Robermann and his wife to the helipad. The businessman declined to provide the name of the GAS employee who advised him. José Augusto Mariano Fernandes also denied that he knew what was inside the suitcases.

According to the PF, Roberto Dias Guedes and José Augusto Mariano Fernandes own, respectively, the companies RD Guedes Turismo and JAMF Consultoria e Tecnologia. The report got in touch on the phones that the two companies make available in the Federal Revenue register. However, no call was completed. Helen Barbosa Pinto was not located. The consultants of GAS Consultoria informed that it will send a note.

Suspicious Movements

In almost six years, Glaidson Acácio has handled R$ 38 billion. Data from May 2015 to November 2021 are contained in a document from the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf) cited in the report of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Federal Police (PF), in which the arrest was requested by the Federal Court . Attorney Douglas Santos Araújo and federal delegate Guilhermo de Paula Machado Catramby claim that the figures are impressive and that 44% of the amount was registered in the last 12 months.

The Financial Intelligence Report (RIF), to which O GLOBO had access, points out Glaidson’s operations with at least 8,976 people — of which 6,249 are individuals and 2,727 are legal entities.

Glaidson, 38, who until 2014 was a waiter on the edge of Búzios, was arrested last Wednesday, the 25th, at his house in a condominium in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio, accused of setting up a financial pyramid scheme in which it promised earnings of 10% a month when investing in cryptocurrencies. His wife, Venezuelan Mirelis Yoseline Diaz Zerpa, is considered a fugitive and is on Interpol’s list for extradition. GAS was strongly active in Cabo Frio, in the Lagos region.

According to the MPF, citing Glaidson’s deal, “the criminal scheme is in full swing and growing in geometrical proportions.” According to the agency, in 2018 GAS handled just over R$ 1 million. In the following year, the increase in the company’s accounts was exponential: BRL 477,648,698.03 (credit) and BRL 476,238,943.04 (debit). The financial movement relating to Glaidson, say the attorneys, was R$ 294,271,823.15 (credit) and R$ 296,417,678.95 (debit).

For the Federal Police, based on a report from the Federal Revenue, “in full, the duo (Glaidson and the woman) is making use of an extensive network of operators to move huge amounts of assets, denoting, at first sight, possible crimes against the national financial system, international asset laundering, tax evasion and criminal organization”. According to the PF, the businessman also has at least two companies abroad: GAS Consultoria em Tecnologia da Informação LLC, in Florida (USA), and Mireglad Technology LTD, in London.

The MPF also informed the Court that “there are numerous elements that demonstrate that Glaidson dos Santos, along with his companion Mirelis Zerpa, are leading the structure of the criminal organization that moves billions of reais both in the official financial system, as well as in cryptoactives.”

In the arrest warrant, federal prosecutors state that Glaidson opened his first company on March 19, 2015, under the fancy name Sol e Lua Restaurante. The establishment was located at the same address where the former waiter lived, on Praia do Siqueira, in Cabo Frio. The investigators also highlighted that, in that year, the company “had very modest financial transactions, compatible with its size: R$ 73,799.39 (credit)”. In June 2018, Glaidson changed the company name to GAS Consultoria e Tecnologia and moved to a building in downtown Cabo Frio. That’s when the financial movement started to explode.