Bolsonaro goes to a medical clinic in Planalto, before boarding for Rio

Brasília – President Jair Bolsonaro attended the medical center at Palácio do Planalto early this Wednesday. He arrived at 7 am, remained at the site for about 40 minutes and did not speak to the press. Bolsonaro circled about 300 meters in those surroundings and only nodded when asked if his health was all right.

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The medical post is located in the Planalto annex, next to the Vice-Presidency. Then the president went to the Air Base. At 11:00 am, he participates in Rio in the delivery of the Medal of Military Sports Merit, for athletes who stood out in the Japan Olympics.

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In July, Bolsonaro was hospitalized for four days in São Paulo, to treat a condition of intestinal obstruction. The condition occurs when there is blockage of part of the intestine, which prevents the normal functioning of the digestive system or the passage of feces. At the time, the president complained for days of persistent hiccups, and hospitalized, new surgery was considered, which was not performed. Since the episode of the stab in September 2018, the Chief Executive has undergone six surgeries.