Bolsonaro’s Minister plays Pink Floyd on the accordion and is “denounced” to Roger Waters

Roger Waters and minister of Bolsonaro playing Pink Floyd

Roger Waters, legendary musician from pink Floyd, will have a surprise when you check your social networks.

The bassist and vocalist is being branded by several Brazilian fans who are outraged at Bolsonaro’s Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado, who took advantage of a participation in a RedeTV! to play the classic “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2” from the album the wall.

The “complaint” was initially made by the federal deputy Marcelo Freixo, who wrote on Twitter with a mention of Roger’s user:

Mr. Roger Waters, a minister from Bolsonaro is ‘singing’ Another Brick in the Wall on Brazilian TV. Help us by not letting your music be used by these people: firstly because they are destroying our country, secondly because no one deserves to hear this terrible ‘singer’.

In fact, Gilson’s performance was not highly praised. On the program, the minister even tried to tell a funny story to explain the reason for playing this song, but he didn’t convince internet users, especially because many people identified several similarities between Gilson’s speech and a story from Accordion chick.

The vast majority pointed to the fact that Machado does not know the lyrics of the track, something that generates an almost comical situation in the eyes of many – for them, music with a strong anti-fascist and protest bias should not be performed by a member of the government which, according to them, flirts with fascism.

You can see the ash publication soon after.

Minister of Tourism is “denounced” to Roger Waters for playing Pink Floyd