Brunna Gonçalves gets annoyed with an indiscreet question about her sex life with Ludmilla: ‘How boring the p****’

Brunna Gonçalves, woman of Ludmilla, opened the question box on his Instagram profile last Monday night and ended up running into some indiscreet questions about his sex life with the singer. ”Can you have sex with that big nail?” asked a follower. The dancer responded with a grimace and declared in the stories: ”Blah, blah, blah… Always the same question. What a bummer!”

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Brunna didn't like the indiscreet question
Brunna didn’t like the indiscreet question Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

As for the question whether he had sex with his wife, the dancer published a photo looking tired.

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In addition to talking about the couple’s intimacy and showing a tattoo she made for the woman, Brunna also showed the before and after an aesthetic procedure and confessed that she has not been regulated with food lately. ”Put the before and after of your lipo”, asked a fan. The artist responded promptly.

She also talked about not wearing her natural curly hair too often. Like Ludmilla, Brunna wears a lot of laces (wigs with natural hair): ”It’s not a matter of preferring (the wig). I do not have a preference. I love all the hair I use, but my natural one takes a little more work to finish and so on. That’s why I use it less often.”

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Ballerina opened a question box on the networks
Dancer opened a question box on the networks Photo: Reproduction/Instagram