Butantan detects 36 variants of the coronavirus in the state of São Paulo – News

There are 36 variants of the coronavirus in circulation in the State of São Paulo, according to the Epidemiological Bulletin of the Alert Network for Variants presented by the director of the Scientific Development Center of Butantan, Sandra Vessoni, at an event held on Monday (30th by the ILP) ( São Paulo Legislative Institute) in partnership with FAPESP (Foundation for Research Support in the State of São Paulo).

Three of them were identified for the first time and another four are new strains of the Delta variant.

Despite the growing number of variants, the number of covid-19 cases has decreased in the state: 14 regional health divisions had lower numbers of infections compared to the previous week and the other 3 divisions registered stability in cases.

Among the variants identified in an unprecedented way are B.1.1621.1, also known as Copa America (with one case identified), B.1.540 (with five cases); and AY.3 (with three cases). The presence of new mutations of the virus worries specialists due to the high rate of contagion of some strains, such as Delta, responsible for the increase in cases in the United Kingdom.

Range and Delta

The Gama variant is still the most common in São Paulo, accounting for 85% of cases, followed by the Delta variant, with 3%.

Even far from representing the majority of cases in the state, Delta has been spreading rapidly. It has already been identified in 13 of the 17 regional health divisions, representing 100% of infections in the regional division of Registro, 61.54% in Baixada Santista, 56.41% in São João de Boa Vista and 43.31% in Greater São Paulo .

Meanwhile, the incidence of the Gamma variant, the most common in Brazil, has been decreasing.