Caixa releases withdrawal of the 5th installment for workers born in January; see calendar

This Wednesday (09/01), Caixa begins to release immediate withdrawals of the 5th installment of emergency aid. Check full calendar.

Caixa has already deposited the 5th installment of emergency aid for all program beneficiaries. As of this Wednesday (09/01), the bank will release the immediate withdrawals of the money. Thus, the general public born in January can already withdraw the 5th installment at bank branches or lottery correspondents.

The values ​​of the 2021 installments vary according to the family composition of beneficiaries. This means that the mothers who provide the home receive R$375, without the possibility of accumulating more than one payment during the same month. Citizens who live alone are entitled to the sum of R$150. Finally, the other beneficiaries are entitled to monthly payments of R$250.

Withdrawal of the 5th installment of the emergency aid; check dates

The release of withdrawals to the general public was staggered based on the birthday month. Those born in January, in this way, can withdraw the money this Wednesday, September 1, 2021. How there was no opening of new registrations, the emergency aid is being granted only to those who already received the benefit last year.

Bolsa Família beneficiaries were able to withdraw the money within the same period provided for deposits. The other recipients of emergency aid, in turn, have a specific calendar for immediate withdrawals from installments. This group is made up of CadÚnico members and citizens who have been registered in the program since 2020 (by website or app).

See below the scheduled dates for the release of withdrawals of the 5th installment (general public that is not part of Bolsa Família):

  • Born in January: 1/09;
  • Born in February: 02/09;
  • Born in March: 03/09;
  • Born in April: 06/09;
  • Born in May: 09/09;
  • Born in June: 10/09;
  • Born in July: 13/09;
  • Born in August: 14/09;
  • Born in September: 15/09;
  • Born in October: 16/09;
  • Born in November: 17/09;
  • Born in December: 20/09.