Calleri has a fixed purchase price and Gabriel Neves was not loaned; São Paulo director tells details

São Paulo’s football director, Carlos Belmonte, explained, this Tuesday (31), the values ​​and details of the signings of Jonathan Calleri and Gabriel Neves. The pair was hired and announced by Tricolor on Monday (30), the closing day of the international transfer window.


As informed by Belmonte during the live participation in ‘Canal do Nicola’, by journalist Jorge Nicola, on YouTube, Gabriel Neves did not come to Tricolor on loan, as was initially disclosed.

– The businessmen made a direct agreement with Nacional and he was free from Nacional. We are paying US$ 300 thousand for gloves and we keep 60% of the economic rights. At the end of the 2022 season, we decided whether to return the rights to the managers or acquire the player permanently – informed Belmonte.

Who announced that the athlete had closed on loan was the Nacional-URU, a team that Gabriel Neves defended before closing with Tricolor. In a farewell note published by the club, it was stated that Neves was transferred by loan with a purchase option until the end of 2022, but, according to the official announcement by São Paulo, the bond may be extended until December 31, 2025 .

The other hired, Jonathan Calleri, is also linked to São Paulo until the end of 2022. In the case of the Argentine, the transfer was, in fact, made through a loan. Deportivo Maldonado-URU lent the athlete for the same amount that Tricolor paid for Neves, US$ 300 thousand (R$ 1.5 million).

At the end of the loan agreement, São Paulo has the option of hiring the striker permanently, for the amount of US$ 3 million (R$ 15 million).

The football director stated that the loan amounts will be paid in three installments. The first will be paid by São Paulo in December this year, while the other two will be paid throughout 2022. The club is going through financial difficulties, with a debt of over R$600 million.

São Paulo is in the final process of regularization of Gabriel Neves and Jonathan Calleri. The Uruguayan midfielder will do the rest of the medical exams today (31) and should be presented in the coming days. The Argentine striker is expected in Brazil on Thursday (1).