Carla Daniel vents after questions about her boyfriend’s death

Actress Carla Daniel, 56, daughter of director and actor Daniel Filho, published an outburst about the death of her boyfriend, musician, businessman and publicist Sérgio Stamile, who was found dead in August in Garota de Ipanema Park, south of Rio de Janeiro.

In the text, posted on the actress’ Instagram, Carla countered the comments questioning what the musician was doing inside the place and asked for respect for his memory:

Respect the moment! All the suffering we are going through is not enough anymore, people tend to question the victim’s guilt in a case like this. No, it’s not the victim’s fault!

The actress also explained her boyfriend’s connection with the park:

“The park serves as a shortcut from the beach to Rua Bulhões de Carvalho, where he used to live. Anyone who frequents the region knows that! He may have entered to cut short his way back home. In the cave where he was attacked, there is an image of Santa Sara. He liked to go there to pray, meditate, he was very spiritual, it was one of the places he liked best in Arpoador. […] Perhaps those who don’t practice their faith will never understand this,” she said.

“Born and raised in Arpoador (no wonder he called himself Pirata do Arpoador), having been there for so many years, Serginho felt safe in that place. He loved Arpoador and they went randomly at night, at dawn, at dawn,” he added.

Carla also criticized the Municipal Secretary of Conservation of Rio, claiming that they only took steps to maintain the park after the murder of her boyfriend.

“They are now quickly taking steps to repair the gates, which, due to lack of maintenance, were permanently open. Yes, this helped the place to be frequented by homeless people and drug users,” he wrote.