Cases of patients with severe respiratory symptoms in ES increase

Exclusive beds for the care of patients with a new Coronavirus (Covid-19) at Hospital Estadual Dório Silva, in Serra.
Beds for the care of patients with Covid-19 at Hospital Estadual Dório Silva, in Serra. Credit: Secom-ES/Disclosure

The demand for patients with respiratory symptoms has increased in Espírito Santo in recent days. The information was released by the state secretary of Health, Nésio Fernandes, in a statement to update data on the Covid-19 pandemic in the state, held this Tuesday (31). According to the Undersecretary of Health Surveillance of the State Health Department, Luiz Carlos Reblin, there was an increase in Covid-19 cases that required hospitalization.

According to Fernandes, Espírito Santo is now experiencing a time of epidemiological alert with the increase in cases. According to him, the growth took place especially in Greater Vitória, but it was also registered in municipalities in the interior, in the last four consecutive days.

“We are living in a moment of epidemiological alert. We are identifying a sustained increase in the demand for respiratory symptomatic patients, especially in Greater Vitória and also in several cities in the interior, in the care points, in the emergency and urgent care networks in the PA’s and UPA’s, and represented in four consecutive days of sustained increase in serious cases being treated in Greater Vitória”, he said.

Considering the period of four days, the secretary stated that since the month of April a demand like this had not been registered in the health care network. “In this same period, since the month of April, we did not have the number of entries of patients/day being treated at the urgency and emergency points of the pre-hospital network”, he highlighted.


In conversation with the reporter after the speech, Undersecretary Luiz Carlos Reblin detailed the increase. According to him, they are records of patients with confirmed cases of Covid and requiring hospitalization. Since April, the average recorded was 5 to 6 cases per day. In the last four days, however, this average rose to 11 to 18 cases. “Since April, we had been keeping a low and stable number of confirmed Covid cases that needed hospitalization. In this last week, these cases went from an average of 5 and 6, to 11 and 18, especially in the last four days. Cases of Covid confirmed and for hospitalization,” he said.

“We do a daily monitoring of the so-called gateway, which are the Emergency Room and UPA’s in the Metropolitan Region, which are the seven municipalities, including Fundão and Guarapari. We monitor the cases of Covid, which have already been confirmed,” he said.


The secretary pointed out that this behavior of the increase in cases has not yet influenced the decline in deaths by coronaviruses in Espírito Santo. “We know that the behavior of deaths is late”, he highlighted. But he stressed that this is a late move and that flexibility measures applied in the management of the pandemic can be changed.

“We want to communicate that the risky behavior, at this time, may mean that important achievements already achieved can be interrupted in the risk management of the pandemic in our State”, he informed.


Nésio emphasized that now, unlike last year, the state has more strategies to contain the spread of the disease. He highlighted mass testing as a tool to combat virus transmission and reinforced the importance of basic care to avoid contagion.

“We have mass testing capability. We recognize as an effective measure the ability to break the chain of transmission, which is achieved when the entire population, regardless of mild or severe symptoms, goes to the testing points and undergoes RT-PCR and antigen tests. We appeal to the population to maintain all complementary measures capable of reducing the risk of disease transmission”, he added.

After the pronouncement and publication of the matter, the report sought Sesa to find out if there was an increase in cases of Covid. Undersecretary Luiz Carlos Reblin explained that there was an increase in Covid-19 cases that required hospitalization. The text has been updated.

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