CD Projekt Red hires modders for the Cyberpunk 2077 team

THE CD Project Red continues working on fixes, tweaks and improvements to cyberpunk 2077 and, now, it seems that it is also betting on the help of the community itself.

According to information from Kotaku, the Polish company hired the Yigsoft, a small independent modder studio responsible for creating WolvenKit, an open source tool that allows modifications to The Witcher 3 and cyberpunk 2077 without messing with other people’s files.

The studio is formed by four modders, being led by programmers Hambalkó Bence and Köte Ákos, better known by their nicknames Traderain and Nightmare on the game forums.

The announcement of the acquisition was given by Yigsoft itself on a closed Discord server, being shared on Reddit later.

“We’re going to be working on several projects related to backend programming and supporting mods for cyberpunk 2077. We are very excited about this and really hope we can help take the game to the next level!” wrote Traderain.

As Yigsoft is located in Budapest, Hungary, it will remain a separate studio from CD Projekt, operating remotely.

cyberpunk 2077 was originally released in December 2020, but was removed from the PlayStation Store shortly thereafter and only returned on June 21, 2021. On Xbox, refunds were offered to disgruntled gamers, but now that the game has been updated, the company will stop. offer extended refunds.