Certificate of vaccination against Covid at Conecta SUS: learn how to issue the document in Portuguese, English and Spanish | Vaccine

Anyone who has already completed the vaccination schedule against Covid-19 (two doses or a single dose, in the case of Janssen) can now issue the vaccination certificate in the Connect SUS, the official app of the Ministry of Health.

The application presented instabilities over the past few days, which led the City of Rio de Janeiro to postpone to the 15th the requirement of proof of vaccination for moviegoers and gym goers. This Tuesday afternoon, both the website (https://conectesus.saude.gov.br) as the app for iOS and Android had regular functioning.

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In the case of Android, an update to the app was available to be downloaded from the Play Store and, in tests done by G1 on the afternoon of Tuesday (31), the new version allowed the issuance of the document.

In addition to the certificate, the Connect SUS allows each citizen to see in detail the data on vaccination against Covid-19, including the batch of immunizing agents, and information about the services of the Unified Health System (SUS).

Below, the G1 explains, in 6 topics, what the application is, its main features and how to issue the “Covid-19 National Certificate of Vaccination” or view the digital vaccination card:

  1. What is Connect SUS?
  2. How to use and register?
  3. Who sends the dose data to the Connect SUS?
  4. My dose has not entered the system, what do I do?
  5. What are the vaccination certificate and vaccination card?
  6. How to issue a vaccination certificate or vaccination card?
  7. Can the certificate be used for international travel?

Connect SUS Citizen — Photo: Reproduction

Example of how the app name and logo appear inside the PlayStore. Version sent to the app store on Monday (30) by the ministry sought to correct instabilities in operation. — Photo: Reproduction

Connect SUS is an application free from the Ministry of Health. It shows general information for each citizen, such as the digital vaccination card and the national certificate of vaccination against Covid-19. According to each person’s history, it can also gather the results of laboratory tests of Covid-19, the drugs from the “Popular Pharmacy”, as well as records of blood donations and monitoring of the position in the transplant queue.

You can also find in the application the National Health Card (CNS), the SUS user identification document.

Currently, the Connect SUS only presents data on vaccination against Covid-19. Data from other vaccines applied by SUS will be added gradually, according to those responsible for the application.

How to use and register?

You can download the app for free on your smartphone or you can access Conecta SUS through the website Conectasus.saude.gov.br. There are versions for both iOS and Android operating systems.

To access, you must have an account in the federal government system, which can be done with a CPF and an email at https://cadastro.acesso.gov.br or directly in the application.

Who sends the dose data to the Connect SUS?

According to the Ministry of Health, the information contained in the application is sent by states and municipalities by the National Health Data Network (RNDS). The information is made available within 72 hours of sending the records to the national network.

This is also true for the data on doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

My dose has not entered the system, what do I do?

The ministry says that it is necessary to look for the place of vaccination, the state or municipal health department to apply for registration. According to the ministry, the doses must appear in the system within 10 days after the date of vaccination. For further guidance, the user can access support in the application itself, through the menu “Talk to Connect SUS”.

What are the vaccination certificate and vaccination card?

The app allows the issuance of two different types of documents.

The “Covid-19 National Certificate of Vaccination” is specific to the current vaccination campaign against the new coronavirus pandemic.

The document can be viewed directly from the app and has an option for displaying the QR Code and proof of validity via a code. The document consolidates the information about the applications and proves that the citizen took both doses or the single dose of Janssen. It can also be issued in English or Spanish.

It can also be issued in a PDF version in a format that allows printing, for example, on an A4-size sheet.

The document, which can also be downloaded from the Connect SUS website, is an option to prove the completion of the vaccination scheme in international travel and will soon be used in national territory: in Rio de Janeiro, for example, the document will be one of the ways to prove immunization and access movie theaters and gyms.

In addition to the certificate, the application and the website also allow the issuance of the vaccination card.

“The Digital Vaccination Card will allow the visualization of all immunizing agents applied to the citizen and that are registered in the Information System of the National Immunization Program (SI-PNI). However, the Card is filled out gradually, currently enabling the visualization and issuing only data on vaccination against Covid-19”, according to the ministry.

In other words, in the future, all vaccines applied for other diseases will be registered in this virtual card.

How to issue a vaccination certificate or vaccination card?

Connect SUS Citizen Page — Photo: Reproduction

You can get both documents from either the website or the app. It is also possible to download the documents in PDF format. Both are valid for 12 months.

National vaccination certificate:

  • On the website or in the app, click on the ‘vaccines’ tab
  • Then click on the box containing the dose information (manufacturer, batch, place and date of dose application).
  • Then click on ‘vaccination certificate’ – this option only appears for those who have completed the vaccination schedule.
  • The document has citizen information and a QR Code available in Portuguese, English and Spanish.
  • To issue the certificate in another language, click on the country’s flag and initials at the top of the page. The system automatically switches the version.

Connect SUS: national vaccination certificate — Photo: Reproduction

  • On the website or in the app, click on the ‘vaccines’ tab
  • At the bottom of the page, click on ‘digital vaccination card’ – the document contains details of the person who took the vaccine and the doses administered, date, batch and place of vaccination.
  • It is possible to obtain a vaccination card even without having taken both doses.

Connect SUS: vaccination card — Photo: Reproduction

Can the “Covid-19 National Certificate of Vaccination” be used for international travel?

Yes. “Citizens can present the national certificate whenever they need it, such as for international travel, where some countries that recognize the document for the entry of Brazilians into their territory, as they do not yet have a definition of an international certificate”, according to the Ministry of Health.