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With no novelties in design, the 2022 line of the Hyundai HB20 brings changes in versions: the 1.0 turbo engine replaces the 1.6 naturally aspirated in all the range. With that, this thruster can now come associated with a manual gearbox. Furthermore, the top of the line configurations are now Platinum and Platinum Plus, while Diamond and Vision are no longer offered.


The 1.0 turbo engine of the HB20 2022 is called by Hyundai TGDI, in allusion to the direct injection system. It delivers 120 hp of power at 6,000 rpm and 17.5 kgfm of torque starting at 1,500 rpm, with both gasoline and ethanol. Previously associated only with an automatic transmission, it can now be coupled to a manual gearbox, also with six speeds. However, only in the Platinum version.

In turn, the 1.6 engine, from now on, continues to be available only on the HB20X and Creta Action models. It is worth remembering that, in the case of Crete, this configuration is the only one that has kept the old bodywork: the new generation of SUV has also replaced the old thruster with 1.0 TGDI.

In the new Platinum configuration, the Hyundai HB20 2022 brings, among the safety items, four airbags (two front and two side), traction and stability controls and ramp start assistant.

Hyundai HB20 2022 Equipment

Regarding convenience items, there is automatic turning on of the headlights, electric windows on the four doors with functions one-touch and anti-crush and key actuation, camera and reverse sensors, alarm and 15-inch alloy wheels. The version with automatic transmission also offers a face-to-face key with a push-button engine start.

In turn, the Platinum Plus version of the Hyundai HB20 2022 adds warning and autonomous braking and lane change warning systems, as well as leather seats (brown on the hatch, light gray on the sedan), headlights with projector and LED signature and front fog lights. The exchange is always automatic. Check prices:

VersionBrazil Price (BRL)São Paulo Price (BRL)
Hyundai HB20 Sense 1.0 5MT59,89061,890
Hyundai HB20 Vision 1.0 5MT64,29066,490
Hyundai HB20 Evolution Bluelink 1.0 5MT68,12070,390
Hyundai HB20 Platinum Bluelink TGDI 6MT78,29080,990
Hyundai HB20 Platinum Bluelink TGDI 6AT83,89086,790
Hyundai HB20 Sport Bluelink TGDI 6AT87,19090,190
Hyundai HB20 Platinum Plus Bluelink TGDI 6AT89,59092,690
Hyundai HB20S Vision 1.0 5MT68,39070,690
Hyundai HB20S Evolution Bluelink 1.0 5MT72,12074,490
Hyundai HB20S Platinum Bluelink TGDI 6MT81,99084,790
Hyundai HB20S Platinum Bluelink TGDI 6AT87,69090,790
Hyundai HB20S Platinum Plus Bluelink TGDI 6AT92,79095,990
Hyundai HB20X Vision 1.6 6MT76,09078,790
Hyundai HB20X Vision 1.6 6AT82,69085,690
Hyundai HB20X Evolution 1.6 6AT87,19090,390
Hyundai HB20X Evolution Bluelink 1.6 6AT88,59091,790
Hyundai HB20X Diamond Bluelink 1.6 6AT91,49094,890
Hyundai HB20X Diamond Plus Bluelink 1.6 6AT92,59095,990