Chickens appear on baggage carousels and intrigue passengers at US airports

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has shared a video on their social media that shows a block of frozen chickens circling the baggage carousel at Seattle airport. At first that intrigued the passengers, but a little later the mystery was solved.

It turns out that a passenger shipped the chickens in a cooler, but it broke as it passed the conveyor belt, and the chickens ended up arriving on the carousel first. After a few seconds of video, you can see the red compartment open, passing by. Interestingly, the birds remained fully attached, in a large block.

Watch the video:

In the publication, the TSA makes fun and says: “can chickens fly? Well…surely no other birds are flying like these. We heard that these wings and thighs were stuffed into a cooler. Somewhere between the luggage and the carousel, they came loose”.

But the agency also gives tips: “don’t improvise your suitcases. To prevent the feathers from rising, the meat must be properly packaged. Ice or dry ice is allowed to keep the herd cool”.

Anyway, the best thing is to follow the agency’s tip.