Cleo Pires provokes when she appears in a bold click and husband leaves followers in an uproar with reaction

Cleo saucer
Cleo Pires posed in very bold clicks on social networks (Image: Playback / Instagram)

Enjoying the honeymoon in Fernando de Noronha, Cleo saucer appeared very provocative on social networks this Monday (30). The actress shared a series of photos of her wearing a bikini and a sexy slit skirt.

In the publication’s caption, the singer commented: “What night“. In the comments, the famous woman’s husband, Leandro D’Lucca left a special message. “My perfect prgt!“, he fired.

The businessman’s message made followers suspect whether ‘prgt’ would be the abbreviation for pregnant, in English. “Wouldn’t it be pregnant? Will be?“, asked a netizen, using emojis of scared. There were even those who gave another guess: “Would it be perguete?“.

Leandro had already piqued the curiosity of his followers recently. The buzz formed in Gloria Pires’s social media profile this weekend. The actress used Instagram to celebrate winning the Best Actress award at the Gramado Film Festival.

In the comments, while wishing his mother-in-law well, Leandro D’Lucca shot: “Congratulations Grandma“. The message, of course, raised questions about a possible pregnancy of the daughter of Fábio Jr.

Grandmother???“questioned one. “Leandro, is Cleo pregnant?asked another. Some netizens, in an attempt to decipher what the businessman meant, pointed out that Gloria has other children besides Cleo. “Gloria doesn’t just have her son Cleoa“, wrote a third. “I only said it because it was Cleo’s husband who called her granny“answered a follower.

After the repercussion, Cleo opened the game and spoke out once and for all about the rumors that she would be pregnant for the first time. “PEOPLE, I love the Internet! Babys, I’m not pregnant, okay!”, said the beauty, laughing. At another point, she explained that it was all a misunderstanding.

Lê calls my mommy granny because we made a movie called ‘Grandma Ninja’. Oh, I love you!”, completed. Leandro, by the way, recently spoke to followers about the possibility of having another child, since he is Gael’s father. “Who knows?“, he said.

When asked if the actress had already adapted to living on the farm after her marriage, the businessman confessed:

“She adapted easily. She was always raised in this life since she was a little girl. Her parents had a horse, a farm. So for her it was easy. She loves”.

About the routine, the singer’s husband spoke briefly. “We met through a mutual friend of ours, she introduced us and then it happened. I’m crazy about her… I love making surprises [para ela]“, he said.

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